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Treetop Best Delta-8-THC Products

The hemp industry is overrun by numerous brands, each touting their products as the best get a buck out of your pocket.

While the diversity of products in the market is great, it makes selecting the best product for you harder.

Fortunately, we have created a list of the best delta-8-THC products from the Treetop Hemp Company to help you with that.

Delta-8-THC products are slowly getting mainstream, which explains the influx of producers.

However, counterfeit and low-quality products have also increased as a result.

To avoid disappointments of buying low-quality products, check out our list of the best products in this Treetop Hemp Co delta-8 review.

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Who Is Treetop Hemp Company

Treetop Hemp Co is a delta-8-THC industry leader providing high-quality ∆8-THC edibles and vaping cartridges.

It is known for its potent products that leave users uplifted, calm, and energetic without the overbearing psychoactive effects associated with ∆9-THC.

Treetop Hemp Co is Urth CBD’s newest product line that only deals with delta-8 products.

The company is based in California and uses locally cultivated hemp and extracts to manufacture all its products.

But is it worth a try?

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How Treetop Hemp Delta-8-THC Products Stand Out

Here is why Treetop Hemp Co delta-8-THC products are worth a try:

Full or Broad-spectrum Products

Treetop Hemp Co ∆8-THC products are either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum.

Meaning they also contain other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and plant compounds that deliver the entourage effect.

The level of ∆9-THC is, however, limited to lower than the 0.3% limit. Treetop provides CoAs as proof of this.

Wide Range of Flavors

Some people do not like the taste of hemp extracts.

To make their products palatable, Treetop infuses its products with different terpenes and gummy flavors.

Their ∆8-THC cartridges are available in more than five flavors, and the gummies in three flavors.

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Domestic Sourced Hemp

Treetop Hemp only uses domestically grown hemp and hemp extracts to manufacture its ∆8 products.

This ensures they are of high quality and within the legal threshold regarding ∆9-THC.

Hemp grown in the US is thought to be of higher quality due to the strict regulations set by the federal and states departments of agriculture.

CO2 extraction method

Treetop Hemp only uses the CO2 extraction process to obtain the cannabinoids used to manufacture its products.

CO2 extraction is the industry gold standard as it does not leave solvent residuals such as butane that may be harmful to your health.\


The company provides third-party test results for your reference for all their products.

They test for the quantity of the active ingredients, the presence of ∆9-THC, heavy metals, and farm chemicals.

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No Fillers

Treetop Hemp delta-8 products contain no fillers such as MCT oil, just pure hemp extract.

The Best Delta-8-THC Products from Treetop Hemp Company

1. Treetop Hemp Co Delta-8 Vape Cartridges (1ml)

This product is a highly potent delta-8-THC cartridge from the industry-leading product line, Treetop Hemp Co.

It is infused with several cannabinoids and strain-specific terpenes to deliver the much-sought entourage effect.

In this pre-filled cartridge, delta-8-THC is the prominent cannabinoid.

Testing at 678mg of hemp-derived ∆8-THC, these Treetop Hemp Co vape cartridges are some of the purest and concentrated products.

Each 1ml cartridge contains an impressive 700mg total hemp extract, precisely 678mg ∆8-THC, 96%+ of the total extract, and around 22mg of other beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, and strain-specific flavor-infused cannabis terpenes.

Delta-9-THC is undetectable in this vape cartridge according to the certificate of analysis supplied by the company as proof of quality.

The cartridges do not contain any VG, PEG, Vitamin E, PG, MCT, or any other cutting agent that may pose a health risk when vaped.

This cartridge is available in five cannabis flavor options on the Great CBD Shop online store. You can choose between Purple Punch, Blue Dream, Gelato, Orange Cookies, and Cherry Pie flavor-infused cannabis terpenes.

Purple Punch flavor option uses terpenes from the purple punch indica dominant strain, a cross obtained from breeding two legendary strains, OG and Granddaddy Purple.

Blue Dream flavored vape cartridge uses terpenes from the Sativa dominant hybrid strain, Blue Dream, a legendary strain originating from California.

If you choose the Gelato flavor, you will get a cartridge with terpenes from the Gelato strain, a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains.

Orange Cookies Treetop Hemp flavor uses an indica dominant blend terpenes with a strong aroma of citrus and fresh tangerine that will have calming effects and give way to relaxing high and happiness.

Cherry Pie cartridge has a piney taste initially, but eventually, you discover the delicious smoked cherry flavor that remains on the tongue.

You can now vape a cannabinoid with low psychoactive effects but with the same flavor as your favorite cannabis strains.

Delta-8-THC metabolites may trigger positive drug test results; use with caution if you may have an upcoming drug test.

All flavors of this potent delta-8-THC cartridge are available on the Great CBD Shop for $39.99 only. Pick one up today!

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2. Treetop Hemp Co Delta-8 Gummies

These gummies from Treetop Hemp present you an opportunity to enjoy your daily treat of delicious candy with additional delta-8-THC benefits.

They are discreet and perfect to use on the go.

But they are not just candy; these infused gummies deliver a potent dose of ∆8-THC enough to have you feeling uplifted, energized, and calm, the typical effects of this cannabinoid.

The gummies are available in two sizes, the convenient five-pack with 150mg of hemp-derived delta-8-THC and the larger 300mg ten pack for those who would like to take more.

They contain less than 0.3% ∆9-THC.

Each gummy delivers around 30mg delta-8-THC extract, and it also contains CBD, CBN, and terpenes that support the entourage effect.

Treetop Hemp Co does not use PG, MCT, Vitamin E, PEG, or other cutting agents in all their products, including gummies.

These gummies are available in three flavor profiles; rainbow, watermelon, and peach. These flavor profiles contain; a delicious mix of fruit candy, a sour watermelon treat, and a sour peach treat.

Treetop Hemp Company delta-8-THC gummies are infused with pure and highly concentrated edible ∆8-THC extract. Therefore, you don’t need to take much for the effects to kick in. The recommended dosage is not to exceed two gummies each day.

They are also delicious, which makes the hemp extract palatable. They are also discreet as they pass for regular candy, therefore much easy to use on the go than tinctures and vapes.

Also, you don’t have to deal with the harshness to the throat associated with vaping concentrated ∆8-THC.

Pick these delicious treats on the Great CBD Shop store for $15.99 (5 pack) and $29.99 for the ten pack.

Delta 8 THC gummies from treetop hemp co

3. Treetop Hemp Co Delta-8 Disposable Vape

You can now get your daily Delta 8 dose the hassle-free way using these disposable vape devices from Treetop Hemp Co.

This convenient vape device packs quite a punch delivering over 95% delta-8-THC concentration per piece, but that’s not all. It is also available in up to five distinct flavors meaning there is something for your palate.

With terpenes from some of the most legendary strains, this vape will deliver the wellness benefits associated with delta-8-THC while giving you the most epic cannabis experience without the overbearing effects associated with marijuana.

To add on the ease of use and convenience, these disposable vapes are USB rechargeable so you can enjoy your vape without fear of the battery dying.

They are available in Purple Punch flavor, Cherry Pie, Blue Dream, Gelato, and Orange Cookies flavors. Third-party lab test results are available for each of the flavors.

Pick one today at the Great CBD Shop for $39.99 and enjoy the potent and palatable flavors in convenient vape devices.

treetop hemp co disposable delta 8 THC pens

Treetop Hemp Co Delta-8 Review – Take Away

These Treetop Hemp ∆8-THC products have all the features you want in hemp-derived delta-8-THC vape carts and gummies.

They are clean, do not use cutting agents such as MCT oil, they are tested by independent third-party labs, and most importantly, they are reasonably priced.

What’s more, there is something for everyone. Their cartridges come in more than five strain-specific terpenes, and their gummies come in different sizes and flavors.

Remember, delta-8-THC is mildly psychoactive. It is therefore recommended that you do not operate any machinery after consumption. Consult a doctor before starting on ∆8-THC products, especially if you are on prescription medication.

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