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Hixotic is a brand new company in the hemp derived THC scene. This doesn’t mean their team is lacking in experience as they are a sub company of Purlyf.

Where Purlyf started as a CBD company which slowly moved into hemp derived THC and focuses heavily on the main cannabinoids Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC Hixotic’s mission is to bring you high quality THCO, HHC, and THCP products.

They have proven to us that they can do just that! Mixing potent cannabinoids with a mix of classic and unique terpene flavors these products aren’t something you want to miss.

What we love most about this company is they have fun with their blends and products which shows they truly love what they do.

Their most popular group of products the “jeffrey” line turns this line from a regular old cannabinoid product line into a fun and enjoyable movie reference filled time!