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THC-jd is a new, potent, and naturally occurring cannabinoid that can provide users with their favorite high. Technological advancements have enabled the discovery of new and rare cannabinoids like THCjd.

It has an 8-carbon sidechain compared to the 5-carbon sidechain of Delta 9 THC, which allows it to produce more potent effects. That difference in the structure of both cannabinoids is the core reason this new cannabinoid produces unique and powerful effects.

The most common effects of this newly discovered cannabinoid include the following.

  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Mental/physical relief

The users report deep feelings of bliss and relaxation, washing the body with relief after taking a dose of this cannabinoid. Potent THCjd’s effects make it comparable to those of THCP, which are 30 times stronger than traditional Delta 9 THC.

The long-lasting high, which lingers from 1-4 hours, offers delight to seasoned users in need of something more powerful. THC-jd’s potent high delivers deeply relaxing effects to patients dealing with chronic pain. Its soothing properties calm the body with a powerful sensation of ease and relaxation. It works incredibly to address insomnia.

The cannabinoid is new, with many unique, beneficial effects, and try it yourself to find what it has to offer. You can enjoy it in cart, disposable, and gummies forms.