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THCP is a newly discovered cannabinoid that is rising in popularity. Scientifically known as (-)-Trans-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol, this cannabinoid is more potent than Delta 9 THC.

It can interact powerfully with CB1 receptors to give users intense, intoxicating euphoria. The popularity of the cannabinoid is on the rise because it produces more potent effects than THC and is legal to consume.

The tendency of THC-P to bind CB1 receptors is 30 times stronger than traditional THC making it a highly suitable cannabinoid for individuals who wish to blow away by its potent effects.

You only need to take a smaller amount of THCP to experience its effects. Usually, 0.3gm of THCP can produce similar cannabinoid effects that users can get from the 10mg dose of THC.
There is a scarcity of research to support its beneficial effects, but anecdotal reports and users’ account suggests it possesses medicinal benefits similar to THC.

The manufacturers add an adequate amount of THCP with other cannabinoids to create products that produce unique effects without creating overbearing euphoria. Therefore, most THCP-infused products contain this cannabinoid as a small part of their overall formulation.

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