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Formula 420 is your trusted partner for keeping your smoking accessories in pristine condition. With a commitment to innovation and quality, they offer a range of high-performance cleaning products designed specifically for smokers. From silicone to plastics and everything in between, Formula 420 has you covered.

Product Forms

Silicone Cleaner

Keep your silicone smoking accessories looking brand new with their specially formulated Silicone Cleaner. Designed to effectively remove residue and buildup without damaging the integrity of your silicone products, this cleaner ensures a clean and hygienic smoking experience every time.

Product Formulation

Formula 420 Plastics + Silicone Cleaner 12 oz. is specially formulated to safely clean and restore the appearance of plastics and silicone smoking accessories.


It effectively removes residue and restores shine without damaging the material, prolonging the lifespan of your favorite smoking pieces.

Soak N’ Rinse Cleaner

Say goodbye to stubborn residue and grime with their Soak N’ Rinse Cleaner. Simply soak your smoking accessories in this powerful solution and watch as it effortlessly breaks down buildup for easy removal. With Formula 420 Soak N’ Rinse Cleaner, maintaining your favorite smoking pieces has never been easier.

Product Formulation

Formula 420 Soak N’ Rinse Cleaner, 16 oz., features a powerful soaking solution that penetrates and loosens stubborn residue for easy removal.


Provides a hassle-free cleaning experience by effortlessly lifting away buildup with minimal effort. Ideal for deep cleaning sessions.

Instant Cleaner

When you need a quick and convenient cleaning solution, reach out to their Instant Cleaner. Perfect for on-the-go use, this powerful formula cuts through residue and buildup in seconds, leaving your smoking accessories sparkling clean and ready to use. With Formula 420 Instant Cleaner, cleanliness is just a spray away.

Product Formulation

Formula 710 Instant Cleaner, 12 oz., is crafted with a potent formula that rapidly dissolves residue and buildup.


Instantly cleans smoking accessories with a convenient spray application, leaving no residue behind. Perfect for quick touch-ups between deep cleanings.

Experience the Formula 420 difference today and elevate your smoking experience with cleaner, better-tasting hits every time.