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STNR Creations formerly STRA8 is one of the #1 industry leaders in Delta 8 THC.

STNR Creations previously focused on Delta 8 THC products for a vast majority of their time as a company. They have truly mastered producing some of the best high quality Delta 8 THC you can get your hands on mixed with classic and rich terpene flavor profiles.

This all changed in 2021. Now they are showing they have a full understanding of all hemp derived THC products! Venturing into HHC and THCP disposables they have shown us they have the ability to adapt and change with the climate of the scene.

They have already shown us they have a true understanding of cannabinoids with their new ventures into hemp derived THC outside of Delta 8.

Not only have they created new THC product but have even ventured into the kratom space making a full spectrum kratom gummy that is by far the most delicious gummy we have tried here at Great CBD Shop!