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THCP disposables are non-rechargeable variants of vapes that are prefilled with juice. They are ready-to-use devices that are pre-charged and do not require any setup.

Each THCP disposable offers a maximum number of puffs, after which it is disposed of, hence the name. Some of these devices are draw-activated, but you can find ones with button-activated functionality.

The manufacturers in the THCP space are doing a great job of improving the hardware of their devices to offer an incredible user experience. A few disposables come with pre-heat functionality that heats the device and delivers clean hits by preventing clogging.

THC-P vape disposables often blend cannabinoids like Delta 8, Delta 9, and THC-JD to offer well-rounded, unique effects.

At the Great CBD Shop, we carefully vet disposables and offer only those that meet our quality, consistency, and performance standards.