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URB disposables are ready-to-use devices filled with Delta 8, Delta 9 THC, Delta 9o, THCa, THCP, and more. Lifted Made has tried to do everything right to offer users an incredible vaping experience.

They focus on formulations and developed unique formulations by combining various cannabinoids and live resin terpenes. Their formulations are potent and offer users a well-rounded experience.

On the other hand, their devices contain all features such as pre-heat functionality and variable voltage essential for having an incredible vaping experience. These features give users extended control over their vaping experience to enjoy it fully.

Pre-heat functionality allows a shorter ramp-up time and properly heats the oil before pulling. It enables users to enjoy thick oil, less wasting of oil, and prevents clogging. Moreover, variable wattage allows users to get the intense flavor from the device while higher wattage offers stronger pull and better cloud protection.

Another feature that helps URB disposables stand out is they come in various mouthwatering flavors. URB adds some delicious natural flavors that give users an unforgettable experience.

Disposables by URB often contain 3g of distillate extract while a few of them are filled with 2g distillate.

Product Range:

THCa Liquid Diamonds Disposable: Discover Shimmering Brilliance

Indulge in the world of THCa Liquid Diamonds Disposable, where brilliance and potency converge.

Urb has masterfully crafted a blend that includes the crystalline beauty of THCa diamonds, ensuring a remarkable and dazzling cannabis encounter that’s both visually stunning and deeply satisfying.

Delta Disposables: Embrace a Diverse Spectrum

With Delta Disposables, Urb brings the spectrum of delta cannabinoids to your fingertips. These disposables provide an avenue to explore the unique effects of different delta variants, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences.

From Delta 8 to other intriguing variants, Urb Disposables offer a journey through the world of delta cannabinoids.

Uforia Hydrocannabidiol: Unleash Your Inner Calm

Urb’s Uforia Hydrocannabidiol Disposable offers a journey into tranquility.

With carefully balanced CBD formulations, this disposable is your passport to relaxation, providing a gentle and soothing way to experience the benefits of CBD. Each inhale becomes a moment of mindfulness and serenity.

Overall, these disposables offer variety and present users with choice to customize their vaping experience.