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Welcome to the world of Puffco, where innovation and sophistication converge to redefine your concentrated consumption.

Puffco is synonymous with cutting-edge vaporizers that deliver an unparalleled experience with your favorite concentrates.

With a focus on precision engineering, sleek design, and exceptional performance, Puffco has established itself as a trailblazer in the world of concentrate consumption.

Crafting the Puffco Experience

Puffco is driven by a passion for revolutionizing the way you enjoy concentrates. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to pushing boundaries, it’s devices offer not just vaporizers, but an immersive journey of flavor, potency, and style.

Product Range

Discover the products range that have taken concentrate consumption to new heights:

Peak Pro

Experience the pinnacle of innovation with the Peak Pro. This smart rig offers precise temperature control, an intuitive app, and a variety of accessories that cater to every facet of your concentrated enjoyment.


The original Puffco Peak brought a revolution to the market with its simplicity and power. Elevate your sessions with temperature control, water filtration, and a sleek design that sets new standards.

Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus offers a discreet and portable way to enjoy concentrates. With its coil-less ceramic bowl and enhanced airflow, every hit is flavorful and smooth.

Vision Plus

Experience the future of concentrate consumption with the Vision Plus. Its high-performance battery, easy-to-clean chamber, and innovative features redefine convenience and quality.

Creating Moments of Elevation

The devices are not just vaporizers; they’re instruments of elevation. Each hit is a journey through precise temperature control, efficient vaporization, and exceptional flavor retention, giving you the power to customize your experience like never before.

Why Choose Puffco?

Innovative Engineering

Puffco is a pioneer in introducing smart features, precision temperature control, and unique designs to the world of concentrate vaporizers.

Unparalleled Performance

The devices deliver consistent, potent, and flavorful hits that elevate your concentrate experience to new dimensions.

Premium Design

It’s commitment to aesthetics and functionality ensures that their devices are not just tools, but pieces of art that you can proudly display.