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THCB is a newly discovered cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects stronger than THC. This compound, also known as Tetrahydrocannabutol, is the homolog of Delta 9 THC. Like THC, it interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain.

The difference between THC-B and Delta 9 THC comes from the side carbon chain. THCB has a butyl side chain; in other words, it has one less carbon than its sibling compound THC.

The users’ anecdotal reports suggest it works similarly to THC in offering pain relief and relaxation. Some even claim it boasts anti-inflammatory properties. It binds with brain receptors to cause a stronger euphoric experience than Delta 9.

Manufacturers blend THC-B with other cannabinoids to produce a range of effects. Moreover, you can get this cannabinoid in carts, gummies, and disposable forms. All products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards to deliver an exceptional experience.

THCB Product Forms

THCB Carts and Disposables

Elevating the vaping experience, THCB Carts and Disposables redefine on-the-go indulgence. Meticulously crafted, these products boast a potent blend of cannabinoids, providing a smooth and flavorful inhale. The brand ensures purity, using cutting-edge extraction methods. Whether it’s the sleek THCB Carts or the convenient Disposables, each puff is a testament to quality and sophistication.

THCB Gummies

Delightful and delicious, THCB Gummies stand as an embodiment of culinary expertise and cannabinoid infusion. From fruity explosions to savory blends, these gummies offer a delectable alternative for those seeking a more palatable approach to cannabis consumption. With precise dosages and an array of flavors, THCB Gummies cater to both novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Notable Brands

Chapo Extrax
Ocho Extracts
Hazy Extrax

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