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Hush Kratom is considered one of the kratom industries top leaders battling it out with the greats like O.P.M.S.

Hush Kratom is one of the most innovative kratom brands you’ll find on the market always pushing their products to new limits whether it be through unique flavor masking or entirely different extraction methods.

They focus primarily on liquid kratom extract shots and have 6 total shots available all in varying strengths and formulations.

Most popular is the Hush Nano shot which uses nano emulsion for better flavor masking as well as a quicker onset than any other shot on the market.

They also have a coffee shot and energy shot both containing caffeine along with kratom for the perfect energy stack!

Though shots are the main focus of this company they have also created your usual capsules, powder, and edibles.

Every single product they have created is made with full spectrum kratom extract so you feel the full range of effects from the plant!