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CBD Shatter is the purest and cleanest extract form of the cannabinoid. It is a CBD isolate in the crystallized form, and terpenes are added to create different flavors and strain profiles.

Shatter is sensitive to heat, moisture, and terpenes; any variation in these factors affect its texture and consistency.

Dabbing is the best and fastest way to experience the effects of shatter. Cooking with shatter infused butter can damage the cannabinoid and make it less potent.

You may feel calming and stress-reducing effects within a few minutes after taking this form of CBD.

Coming in the purest form of CBD, shatter can help you reduce the symptoms of nausea. Some people find it very effective to help them address their late-night anxiety and sleep disorders.

If you are looking to incorporate purest CBD to your daily wellness routine, shatter is your go-to extract. Instead of broad-spectrum distillate, manufacturers use pure CBD to produce shatter.

You need to be aware of the shelf life of these extracts. Generally, terpene and flavor profile of shatter stay consistent for four to eight months.

Do you know the shatter and wax are almost similar products? The only difference that sets them apart is their appearance.