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HHC-O is one of the latest innovations to hit the hemp market. We do not know much about this exciting cannabinoid at this point. However, it is an acetate version of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC found in seeds and pollen of the hemp plant. It offers more potent effects than Delta 9 THC

The O in the name of this cannabinoid indicates HHC has been treated with acetic anhydride to boost its potency and effects. Changing HHC into an acetate form brings several desirable properties. 

Given the growing interest of users in this new cannabinoid, manufacturers are offering HHC-O-infused products in various forms. You can try it in cartridges, disposable, and gummies forms. 

At the Great CBD Shop, you can get HHCO carts to enjoy a safe and quality experience. If you like to take it in edible form, we offer multiple HHCO gummies brands to choose ones that best suit your taste and preferences.

If you like a quick HHC acetate experience with a ready-to-use device, disposables make the best choice for you. Even more, you can enjoy this new cannabinoid by using a flower. URB infuses cannabinoids into the flower to create unique effects. We offer highly affordable prices and make fast shipments.