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Hi On Nature is a hemp derived THC company focused on showing the world nature is a powerful force that creates life and provides us tools to live life to our fullest!

Hi On Nature sources all of its hemp from their only family hemp farm on the west coast. That means all of their hemp is completely US based and that is always a plus.

On top of that they are focused on building trust and full transparency with customer base making them a great choice to bring on the Great CBD Shop team.

They do this via scannable QR codes on each product, every product is rigorously tested at a third party multi accredited facility as safety and consistency is their main concern.

This company does a little bit of everything in terms of cannabinoid production. They have a range of products for Delta 8 THC, HHC, THC-O, and some blends as well.

Most notable are their ever popular space rings boasting a 250mg Delta 8 THC content per gummy!