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Delta Extrax has transformed from a new brand offering solely focusing on the delta 8 market to an innovative industry leader offering a range of cannabinoids. From Delta 8 THC to THCP to even newer cannabinoids like THCjd and THCh.

They have recently went even a step further reformulating their old cannabinoid distillates to produce higher quality live resin and oleoresin products. Perfect for all of you THC connoisseurs out there looking for intense flavor profiles and aromas!

From the farm to the final product, they are highly concerned to maintain high-quality standards. Therefore, they source organically grown quality hemp material.

The use of the latest production processes enables them to extract a maximum of delta 8 from the raw material. Then Delta Extrax gets their products tested to ensure they meet certain quality standards.

Their hemp derived products are premium, high-quality while they charge only affordable prices. No wonder, more and more people try their products every day.

You will find quality in every bit whether it be a cart or outside packaging.