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THCjd carts refer to pre-filled glass containers that contain THCjd distillate. These carts have a heating element and a mouthpiece. THCjd is a rare octyl cannabinoid and THC isomer found naturally in the cannabis plant.

Formulations & Effects

Delta 8 THC, THCa, THCP, THCJD, and live resin terpenes

Delta Extracts Wrek’d Series Live Resin Cartridge is a 2g marvel featuring a ceramic coil vape cartridge. It is packed with a potent concoction of Delta 8 THC, THCa, THCP, THCJD, and enriched with live resin terpenes for an elevated flavor experience.


It delivers rapid, intense effects that will undoubtedly leave users feeling absolutely Wrek’d!

Delta 11 THC, THCB, THCX, and Delta 8 THC Liquid Diamonds

The Modus Tap Out Blend Vape Cartridge, with a generous 2g capacity, exemplifies the harmonious fusion of intense potency and tantalizing exotic cannabis strains. Within each cartridge, you’ll find a blend of four of the industry’s most formidable cannabinoids: Delta 11 THC, THCB, THCX, and Delta 8 THC Liquid Diamonds.


This THC-jd cart delivers a reliably strong and consistent experience with a quartet of potent compounds.

THC-JD, THC-H, THCP, Delta 8, and live resin terpenes

The Urb THC Live Resin Infinity Blend Cartridges, boasting a generous 2.2ml capacity, are brimming with a rich concoction of THC-JD, THC-H, THCP, Delta 8, and live resin terpenes.


THC-JD provides soothing and deeply relaxing effects. It also gives the reminiscence of the typical Indica’s couch-lock sensation. Additionally, they have appetite-enhancing effects. For an even more well-rounded experience, blending THC-JD with other cannabinoids like Delta 8 is recommended. This combination offer relief from insomnia and anxiety, providing a holistic approach to well-being.


THC-jd carts come in a wide range of flavors, giving users the ability to customize their vaping experience. THCjd vape cartridges come in various potencies and allow users control over their intake. They are the best option when you want to test varying amounts of doses to find the optimum dosage.