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THCh And THCjd: The New Cannabinoids On The Block

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Introducing THCh And THCjd

You heard right, there are more new cannabinoids hitting the scene. Although these cannabinoids were discovered in 2020 by Italian researchers they are just now gaining popularity with some brands introducing them into their products. Both THCh and THCjd are considered naturally occurring “minor” cannabinoids but deliver much more than minor effects! Great CBD Shop is here to tell you all you need to know about these new cannabinoids as well as where to get them.

What Are Cannabinoids?

When looking at new cannabinoids and understanding the potency and effects it helps to know a little about how cannabinoids work. Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals within the hemp plant that bind to our CB1 and CB2 receptors. The two major cannabinoids that bind to these receptors are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannibidiol (THC). The difference between these two is that THC is responsible for getting you high while CBD will not get you high. THC has a high affinity for binding to the CB1 receptor. This receptor mediates the psychoactive properties such as mood elevation, memory processing, and motor controls.

How Does This Effect Potency Of A Cannabinoid?

When it comes down to the potency of a cannabinoid there are many different factors at play. We wont go into all of those factors, but we will go over one of the main ones. One of the main factors that determines the potency of a cannabinoid is how well it binds to the CB1 receptor. This can only be seen on a molecular level. Delta 9 THC has a 5-carbon side chain.

Before all of these minor cannabinoids were discovered this made Delta 9 the strongest in terms of potency. Then there was THCP which has a 7-carbon side chain that took the lead. The longer the carbon side chain of the cannabinoid the tighter and easier ability it has to bind to your CB1 receptors.

his is what causes the “high” and euphoric feelings that are produced when using THC. Not only does a longer carbon side chain produce a more potent high, but also increased the duration of the high as well

What Is THCjd?

As we mentioned earlier, THCjd is a new cannabinoid that was discovered in 2020 by Italian Scientists. What makes this minor cannabinoid so special? THCjd has an 8-carbon side chain making it the most potent cannabinoid to date.

With its 8-carbon side chain this makes THCjd 19x more potent than regular THC. This means that that THCjd has the ability to bind to your receptors 19% more than regular THC. When combined with other cannabinoids such as Delta 9 THC and Delta 10 THC the effects can be even further accentuated.

Is THCjd Natural? How Is It Made?

THCjd is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in small concentrations in the hemp plant. Since it is naturally occuring like Delta 8 THC there are no alterations needed and it is extracted directly from the hemp plant.

What Are The Main Benefits Of THCjd?

THCjd has many of the same effects and benefits of Delta 9 THC. Reports say that it can enhance your appetite. Combined with other cannabinoid such as Delta 8 and THCh it is also reported to help with anxiety as well as insomnia. Below we’ll list the main benefits.

  • Relaxation
  • Calmness
  • Euphoria

What is THCh?

THCh is the second cannabinoid that was discovered along with THCjd. Although this cannabinoid is less potent than THCjd it is special in its own right. THCh is the main psychoactive compound in hemp and cannabis plants. This means this is the cannabinoid responsible for producing the “high” feeling. THCh has a 6-carbon side chain as opposed to Delta 9 having a 5-carbon side chain. This makes THCh 10x stronger than regular THC.

Just like THCjd, THCh’s effects are also accentuated when combined with other cannabinoids such as Delta 8 or Delta 10.

What Are The Effects Of THCh?

THCh is the main psychoactive compound in hemp and cannabis plants. You can definitely expect that it will get you high. Just like many of the other newly discovered cannabinoids you can expect feelings and effects very similar to that of Delta 9. That being said the effects can very from person to person. Some people feel a sense of relaxation and euphoria while others report lethargy and restlessness.

Where Can I Purchase THCh And THCjd?

Right here at Great CBD Shop! We believe we currently have most of the THCh And THCjd products on the market that meet our standards of being the best available. We’ll list them down below for you!

Delta Extrax Lights Out THCh | THCjd | Delta 9 THC Blended Gummy Jars 2500mg

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We believe this to be one of the best utilizations of THCh and THCjd yet. Not only do they combine Delta 9, THCP, and THCO into the mix. They have decided to go all live resin! Not only will this blend knock you off your feet, but these gummies will be exceptionally tasty while doing it!

Urb THC Infinity Blend Cartridges

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Another leader in the industry has followed suit right behind Delta Extrax! This blend is a tad different as they add Delta 8 THC into the mix. Urb has also decided to go the live resin route. They have chosen a mix of unique and common terpenes. We assure you each one of these 1g carts is jam packed with flavor!

Ocho Extract Live Resin Obliter8 Disposable 3g

Ocho Extracts Live Resin Obliter8 Disposable 3g

Ocho Extract is another reputed brand in the hemp space. They offer a potent blend of various cannabinoids and pack it in a sturdy, stylish disposable pen. Ocho Extracts Live Resin Obliter8 Disposable 3g contains Delta-6, Delta-8, Delta-9, THC-B, THC-H, THC-JD, THC-P, THC-X, and live resin flavors.

They are available in six various flavor profiles allowing users to choose one that best suits their preferences. You can get this 3g disposable for $49.99.

The Takeaway

After this blog you should have a basic understanding of cannabinoids and how potency works. That being said, THCjd and THCh are definitely something everyone should be keeping their eyes on. Not only do they offer more potent and longer lasting effects but the possibilities and combinations that can be created are endless.

Only a few of the leaders in the scene have dabbled with these thus far, but as they continue to gain popularity on the market we are sure there will be plenty more to come. As always, you can depend on Great CBD Shop to keep you up to date, and bring you only the best products available no matter what cannabinoid it may be! Stay safe, and enjoy!