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PHC is another recently discovered cannabinoid to hit the hemp market. It offers an incredible high similar to Delta 9 but in a perfectly legal way. It is derived from Delta 9 acetate and manufactured using a unique process. Once consumed, PHC is practically Delta 9 THC.

PHC is getting popular due to its potency and longer-lasting effects that may persist for up to eight hours. New users should try this cannabinoid with care; starting small and easy can help you establish tolerance.

Users’ anecdotal reports suggest it offers potency and effects similar to Delta 9 THC. But we do not have verifiable information on its potency and effects.

Some users suggest taking a dose equivalent to Delta 9 will work. But there is nothing standardized, and PHC is quite potent. It is always best to start small and gradually increase your dose to get an optimum dosage size.

The effects of this cannabinoid are potent and long-lasting. It fills the mind and body with happiness as an intense but claiming euphoria showers you. The soothing properties of this new cannabinoid release tension from the body, creating an incredible sense of relaxation.

But euphoria dominates as users feel a stronger sense of joy than they have experienced with any other cannabinoid.

Manufacturers offer PHC-based products in carts, disposables, and gummies forms. Whether you like to vape or prefer chewing on it, you will get a product to meet your needs.

Great CBD Shop takes pride in bringing customers the most innovative and high-quality products. All PHC products are safe and offer an incredible cannabinoid experience.