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THCB Carts stand at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and innovation in the cannabis consumption industry. Designed with precision and crafted for a premium experience, THCB Carts redefine the way enthusiasts enjoy their favorite strains.

Formulations & Effects

Blend 1 – THCa, THCP, THCB, and Live Rosin Terpenes

THCB Carts redefine the vaping experience with a meticulous blend of THCa, THCP, THCB, and live rosin terpenes. Designed for 510-thread devices, these cartridges offer a quick and customizable THC journey. The ceramic core technology ensures enhanced flavor and leak-free usage.

The high kicks off with a robust euphoric buzz from THCB (Tetrahydrocannabutol), providing users with an immediate sense of upliftment. The calming properties of THCA then step in to strike a perfect balance, while THCP subtly extends the experience, ushering in a profound full-body relaxation. The combination creates a harmonious entourage effect, making each inhale a journey through layered sensations.

Blend 2 – Delta 6 THC, THCP, THCa, HXY-10 THC, THCB, and Live Resin Terpenes

For enthusiasts seeking an intense entourage effect, THCB offers a vape cartridge featuring a blend of Delta 6 THC, THCP, THCa, HXY-10 THC, THCB, and live resin terpenes. Carefully curated strains ensure the best entourage effects, delivering a high characterized by intense euphoria, a deep sense of well-being, and full-body relaxation.

Each inhale is a symphony of cannabinoids and terpenes, creating a multi-dimensional experience that transcends the typical vaping encounter.

Blend 3 – Delta 8 THC, THCa, THCP, THCB, and Premium Terpenes

Crafted for those seeking a complete set of entourage effects, THCB’s Delta 8 THC blend incorporates THCa, THCP, THCB, and premium terpenes. Ideal for users desiring a boost in creativity, relaxation, or simply to vibe out, these cartridges deliver a hard-hitting euphoria at the onset of the high.

The perfectly balanced relaxing properties follow suit, creating a well-rounded experience. The effects are further extended and intensified by THCP, ensuring a long-lasting and potent THC encounter that caters to diverse preferences.


THCB Carts epitomize the evolution of cannabis consumption, combining science and craftsmanship to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience.

From the careful selection of strains to the precision in formulation and advanced vaporization technology, it sets a new standard for those who demand excellence in their cannabis experience. Embrace the future of cannabis enjoyment with THCB Carts, where quality meets innovation.