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Lifted Made started in 2015 with a goal to create cannabis products that are more accessible and affordable for the users. They introduced their premium hemp flower brand Urb to make waves in the industry.

Urb has earned a reputation for superior quality and potency, in a short span of time.

Showcasing rare strains grown by Midwestern Farms and premium packaging, they provide an unmatched cannabinoid experience.

URB Delta 8 products are one of the highly trusted products in the hemp space.

With a focus on quality, it has become a trusted source of Delta 8 THC.

We at the Great CBD Shop offer Urb Delta 8 vape cartridge 1MlL, Delta 8 Caviar Cone, Delta 8 Nano Gummies, Delta 8 THC Nano Drops.

You can choose a product that better suits your needs and taste.