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The hemp world keeps growing as cannabis technology advances rapidly, and we are witnessing an unprecedented flow of innovative products. First, it was Delta products, then THC-derived products, and now we have HHC-based products offering distinctive, potent effects. 

The popularity of Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, Delta 11 THC, THCP, and THCO has encouraged manufacturers to bring innovative products to the market. HHCP is the latest innovation to hit the hemp scene. HHCP is a hydrogenated form of THCP, which is a highly potent cannabinoid.

THCP is impressive because of its 30 times higher tendency to bind to CB1 receptors than THC. That enables THCP to produce ten times more potent effects than traditional THC. We expect HHCP, an acetate form of THCP, to pack quite a punch. 

The compound is new, but the good news is users can enjoy it in carts, disposable, and gummies forms. HHC-P carts come filled with a blend of cannabinoids to offer users a unique experience. But if you want to try it in an edible form infused with flavor, going for HHC-P gummies makes a perfect choice.

Users who prefer a quick experience using a ready-to-use device should go for disposables. You will get a wide assortment of HHCP products at the Great CBD Shop at affordable prices. We offer the best customer service and make speedy shipments.

More Information About HHC-P Or Hexahydrocannabiphorol
(Hydrogenated Phorol THC)

Known Effects:

  • Couch Lock

  • Body Load

  • Euphoric

  • Drowsy

  • Brain Fog

Average Length Of High From Various ROA’s


  • Come-up: 35-90 Minutes
  • Peak: 1-4 Hours
  • Comedown: 1-3 Hours
  • Afterglow: 3-6 Hours


  • Come-up: 1-2 Hours
  • Peak: 2-6 Hours
  • Comedown: 4-8 Hours
  • Afterglow: 6-12 Hours

Typical Dosage Sizes:

It should be noted that the Phorol noids are better enjoyed in a blend. I don’t recommend vaping them raw other than once or twice for curiosities sake.


  • Threshold: 2.5-5mg
  • Low dose: 5-15mg
  • Avg dose: 15-25mg
  • Strong dose: 25mg+


  • Threshold: 1-2.5mg
  • Low dose: 2.5-5mg
  • Avg dose: 5-8mg
  • Strong dose: 8mg+

What Is HHC-P Best Known For?

Strength and strong body high.

Bulk HHC-P Viscosity

HHC-P has a high viscosity. It cannot be pushed out of a syringe at room temperature.

Great CBD Shop’s Opinion On HHC-P:

HHC-P is THC-P’s headier, calmer cousin. It is powerful and long-lasting like the rest of the phorols. It’s essential to keep in mind that batches of HHC-P vary in quality based on R % values. Unlike THC-P, there is a lot of couch lock, and the more stimulating properties associated with D9 THC-P are replaced with a chilled-out, mind-slowed, edible-like high. Very tingly too and sleepy as well.