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Live resin refers to preserving the terpenes and flavinoids of cannabis plants before they run through the extraction to produce products like gummies, vape carts, and tinctures. Comparing live resin with regular concentrates will reveal former is thicker, darker in color, and more viscous. Live resin flowers do not lose their terpene and flavinoids by preseving trichomes.

Most hemp products result from a dry-curring process after cultivation. But turning plant material into a product this way is not ideal because it affects trichomes and degenerate terpenes and flavonoids concentrations. 

Moisture and chlorophyll leave the plant during the drying and curing and expose the trichomes to heat, oxygen, and light which can degenerate trichomes. Furthermore, some trichomes can break off the plant when it is moved around during harvesting. 

Live resin offers a solution to prevent the potential damage to trichomes and loss of terpenes and flavonoids. It involves flash freezing of raw plants when they are fresh. That helps to preserve trichomes exquisitely, allowing users to get enriched terpene profiles. 

The flavor of live resin flowers is more complex, fresher, and more pronounced, offering a distinctive experience. The frozen plants are treated with a solvent such as butane or propane to extract concentrate. 

Moreover, the manufacturers infuse live resin concentrates with cannabinoids such as THCO and Delta 8 THC to create a range of effects for the users. At the Great CBD Shop, we bring the best products to meet your wellness needs, and these flowers are no exception. We offer high-quality live resin products that provide an optimum hemp experience at affordable prices.