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Liver resin edibles contain live resin, flavor, and aroma to offer a distinctive wellness experience. Live resin is produced from fresh-frozen cannabis plants. It helps to preserve most terpenes and flavinoids, which could be lost during the drying and curing.

Live resin extract boasts a higher concentration of THC, which results in users having a subtle psychoactive high. These extracts produce potent effects that persist longer because they have valuable terpenes and cannabinoids to hold the entourage effect.

In other words, live resin captures terpenes responsible for the taste, aroma, and effects.
People who prefer the subtle high and natural taste of cannabis should choose live resin extract-based products. Those who want potent high with less concern for the flavor should try distillate.

Live Resin Edibles make it convenient to enjoy live resin extract in a chewy, delicious form. Manufacturers add additional cannabinoids, such as Delta 9, Delta 8, THCO, and more, to create unique effects. They ensure you enjoy a distinctive wellness experience in an incredibly delicious way.