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Here’s What You Should Expect After Consuming Delta-8-THC Most cannabinoids have different effects, and not all are psychoactive. When it comes to the THC family, each compound, although sharing the last name, has different effects when consumed. In this article, we answer a question that new consumers mostly ask, what does delta-8-THC feel like? For...


Make Your Own Delta-8 Cartridge Using These Tips The delta-8-THC market is evolving. Cartridges are now made of better quality materials, and the concentrates are healthier than in the early days of vaping.  Even better, you can now buy all the components separately to make a DIY delta-8 cartridge, fine-tuned to match your preferences. While...


How CBN And Delta-8-THC May Help Improve Sleep Several hemp-derived cannabinoids have been marketed as sleep aids in the last few years, with anecdotal reports and several scientific studies backing up the claims.  It started with CBD after the legalization of hemp in 2018. However, people are now shifting to the lesser-known CBN for sleep...


Best Delta-8 Vape Battery There is more to vaping than choosing the best vape juice or cartridge. Having a good delta-8 vape battery is one of the main factors that determine the overall quality of your vaping experience.  While the choice of vaping juice, atomizer, and cartridge contributes to the overall vaping experience, batteries sometimes...


Is Delta-8 Psychoactive? There is a lot of talk about delta-8-THC in the health and wellness industry. Most people know that it is related to delta-9-THC, the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. But like delta-9, does delta-8 make you high? Increased interest in natural plant-based solutions has resulted in many consumers becoming aware...

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