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Delta-8-THC Gummies – Everything You Need To Know About These Potent, Tasty Treats

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What Are Delta-8-THC Gummies

Don’t let the name scare you; delta-8 gummies are nowhere close to the infamous edibles you have heard about or had a bad experience with. Although they will make you high, they will not have the same overbearing psychoactive effects many associate with marijuana.

Most products that contain delta-8-THC are made for vaping, dabbing, and tinctures. However, not everyone is a fan of those consumption methods. Plus, if you enjoy its benefits on the go, you may need something more convenient and discreet.

This is where delta-8-THC gummies come in. They are easy to dose, can be used anywhere, and their delicious flavors are a delight to your taste buds. And who wouldn’t like to take their daily delta-8 dose in a flavorsome treat?

But are delta 8 gummies better than other consumption methods?

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Delta 8 Gummies

Edibles have been around for as long as cannabis. They come in different forms, from brownies to gummies, and contain at least one, if not all of the plant’s active ingredients.

Gummies have been the go-to form of edibles, especially after the legalization of hemp in the United States in 2018. THC gummies have also been around for some time, but in the last few years, they have been mostly used to take CBD and delta-8-THC.

D8 gummies are made by infusing gummy candies with potent delta-8-THC concentrate. The results are a delicious sweet with the flavor and aroma of the candy with all the benefits and effects of delta-8-THC.

D8 gummies are not the same as other THC gummies or edibles. There are several types of THC. When most people see the THC name, they think of the primary “high-causing” compound found in marijuana. Delta-8-gummies won’t have the same effects as delta-9.

They are two different compounds. Delta-8 is formed when delta-9-THC is oxidized, explaining why it occurs in minuscule amounts in the hemp/cannabis raw plant. There are no strains with high amounts of this compound. So producers have to extract and concentrate it.

When it comes to the effects, delta 8 gummies will make you high, but not in the same way delta-9 does. Many users report d8 high as clear-headed and doesn’t affect focus and concentration when used in the right dosage.

Delta-8 gummies also won’t cause confusion or paranoid, anxious high. But should you use gummies?

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Are Gummies Better Than Other Delta 8 products?

Not necessarily, but there are several reasons why people prefer to use gummies to deliver their daily d8 dose into the bloodstream. Vaping, for example, is the fastest way to deliver the cannabinoid into the system; why should you choose gummies over vaping?

Well, here are a few reasons to use gummies:

  • It feels natural – For most people, taking delta-8 orally feels natural than holding a tincture under the tongue or vaping. Gummies are chewed and swallowed, just like everyday foods. You don’t have to learn new techniques like vaping.
  •  Safer than smoking – Oral administration is safer than smoking and vaping as it doesn’t hurt the lungs. Some cutting agents found in vapes have been linked to lung problems, making gummies a safer alternative to consume delta-8-THC.
  • Discreet – Like to take your delta-8 without attracting unwanted attention? Gummies are what you are looking for. They look like regular candy, making them an excellent choice for use in the office, public, and other social scenes.

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  •  Easy to dose – Gummies are made for use on the go. Most times, each piece delivers a predetermined amount of delta-8, making it easier to dose than other consumption methods such as tinctures.
  • Effects last longer – If you want to enjoy relief and other d8 benefits for longer, oral consumption methods may not deliver results the fastest, but once they kick in, they last longer than all other consumption methods.
  • Tasty treats – The therapeutic benefits of delta-8-THC are impressive. Gummies provide a way to enjoy these benefits and refresh your taste buds at the same time. They are available in a wide range of flavors. You just have to choose your favorite.

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How Delta 8 Gummies Work

Delta 8, like CBD and D9 THC, produces effects by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is the system responsible for maintaining homeostasis – or a state of balance in the body. 

This includes regulating essential body functions such as memory, pain, inflammation, appetite, mood, temperature, and more.

The ECS has two types of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are primarily located on nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord but are also found in other tissues. CB2, on the other hand, are mostly found on immune cells as well as other organs.

Like delta-9, D8 activates CB1 receptors, which explains the psychoactive effects and mood-lifting, but it is less potent since it has a lower affinity for the receptor. D8 also interacts with CB2 receptors.

By activating these receptors, delta 8 gummies can produce benefits including –

  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Improving appetite
  • Improving mood 
  • Reduce nausea and vomiting

Some studies on the effects of delta 8 suggest that it may possess some neuroprotective properties and anti-tumor properties.

Although these results are promising, more studies in humans are still required to understand the benefits and effects of delta-8-THC fully.

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How Long Does It Take For Delta 8 Gummies To Kick In?

Edibles aren’t the fastest when it comes to delivering effects; however, they provide long-lasting and consistent effects than other consumption methods.

Gummies have to go through the digestion process before the cannabinoid is absorbed in the intestines. This takes time. The effects also take longer because delta-8-THC is exposed to the “first-pass effect,” where the liver breaks it down.

If you don’t feel the effects, wait for up to an hour before consuming more.

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Where Can You Buy Quality Delta-8-Gummies?

Delta-8 is everywhere. You can find it in retail stores, cannabis dispensaries, smoke shops, and online stores. However, it’s better to buy from online stores because they offer an opportunity to read reviews, compare brands, and confirm the quality through third-party lab test results.

Ensure you buy from reputable brands that provide lab reports to back up their safety and potency claims.

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2 Of The Best Delta 8 Gummies For Sale

1. Creating Better Days Delta-8-THC Gummy Rings

These delicious Blue Raspberry delta-8-THC gummies from Creating Better Days are sure to awaken your taste buds and leave them wanting more. But that’s not where they stop.

These gummies will leave you with a euphoric state of mind and a long-lasting relaxation without anxiety or confusion.

Creating Better Days delta-8-THC are available in two convenient sizes:

250mg package containing 10 servings – 25mg per serving and

500mg package containing 20 servings of 25mg each.

These gummies are third party tested, and the reports are available for your perusal. Pick these delicious gummies from The Great CBD Shop Website for $29.99 – 39.99 today!

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2. Hellfire Delta-8-THC Gummies

Hellfire delta 8 gummies are available in three unique flavors, featuring botanical and hemp-derived terpenes. They are an excellent choice if you are looking for a delicious yet potent delta-8 experience.

They are available in 500mg packs of 20 servings. Each gummy delivers a potent dose of 25mg delta 8 THC. The container is also resealable, so you can get fresh gummies every time you open it.

They are available in Apple, Passion Fruit, and Birthday Cake flavors.

Pick these flavorsome gummies from the Great CBD Shop for $29.99 only!

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Delta-8-Gummies – Verdict

Delta 8 can be consumed through vaping, tinctures, and edibles. Gummies are the most popular form of d8 edibles and are known for their delicious taste and high potency.

But they also have other benefits. They can be used discreetly; they are easy to dose, safer than smoking or vaping, and their effects last longer than those from other consumption methods. However, the effects take longer to kick in.

Ensure you only buy delta-8-THC gummies from reputable brands, research and go through reviews and lab results to ensure you are getting the right quality. If you are unsure about delta-8 gummies, consult your doctor.

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