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Cannabis Derived Terpenes For Sale – Cannabis Terpenes Vs. Botanical Terpenes

cannabis derived terpenes for sale. 100% cannabis derived terpenes.

Cannabis Terpenes Vs. Botanical Terpenes

Over the last few years, consumers’ interest in terpenes has increased tremendously as the cannabis industry becomes more mainstream. Terpenes are a new field for companies to stand out, as a result, you are likely to see cannabis-derived terpenes for sale everywhere you go.

Terpenes can be classified into three groups based on the source; cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT), botanical/plant-derived terpenes, and synthetic terpenes. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and provides different results.

In this article, we look at the advantages of each type of terpenes, the legal situation surrounding the CDT terpenes, and whether they are better than botanical terpenes.

Cannabis Derived Terpenes For Sale

Up to the last two or three years, consumers didn’t really care about the origin of the terpenes infused in their products. But that’s slowly beginning to change, and companies are rushing to provide high terpene products.

Cannabis-derived terpenes are harder to come by; that’s why some companies, in a bid to reduce costs, turn to sources outside of the cannabis plant.

But do these botanical terpenes provide the same effect? Well, the jury is still out on that one, but what we can confirm is that the experience is not the same.

Before we get into it deeper, let’s look at what terpenes are and why you should care.

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What Are Terpenes? And Why Should You Care About The Source?

Many people may not be aware, but we all have interacted with terpenes and their effects in one way or another. Primarily because they are found in all plants and even some insects.

You know how plants and fruits all have different tastes and smells? That’s because of the different terpenes they produce.

Terpenes are a large class of naturally occurring chemical compounds (hydrocarbons) produced by all living plants. They contribute to the plant’s flavor and aroma, for example, the aroma of the different cannabis strains, pines, citrus, etc.

But in the plant, they serve many purposes, including protecting it from fungi, bacteria, and insects. In cannabis, the terpenes are produced by the same glandular trichomes that also produce cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

So why should you care?

Terpenes do more than provide the flavor and aroma in cannabis strains. On their own, terpenes can provide therapeutic benefits, including relief from inflammation and pain.

But more importantly, they contribute to the entourage effect and can affect the intensity of delta-8 or CBD benefits.

Scientist smelling cannabis leaves for the best cannabis-derived terpenes.

Types Of Terpenes

Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of terpenes that determine the flavor, aroma, and effects of specific strains. It is possible, using modern technology to extract the cannabis essential oils and isolate the terpenes that give a particular strain its character.

Terpenes can be extracted from cannabis or industrial hemp (cannabis Sativa L) plants’ essential oils.

Each strain has its unique terpene profile. By extracting terpenes from different cannabis strains, manufacturers can add them into vapes, oils, and other products to recreate the distinct flavors and effects.

Cannabis enthusiasts argue that cannabis-derived terpenes provide a “better entourage effect,” while some companies argue that botanicals can offer better efficacy and mimic the flavors.

Different types of cannabis derived terpenes for sale.

Botanical/Plant-Derived Terpenes

While cannabis has distinct terpene profiles, some of the terpenes can also be found in other plants. Myrcene, which is one of the most common terpenes found in popular strains, including Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, can also be found in hops, lemongrass, and mangoes.

Limonene, the pungent citrusy terpene, is not unique to cannabis and can be found in lemons, junipers, and oranges. Pinene, responsible for the piney tones in some strains, can also be extracted from pine trees and rosemary.

Same case with Linalool, humulene, beta-caryophyllene, and other common terpenes.

“Botanical terpenes” refers to terpenes extracted from other plants except for cannabis. Manufacturers prefer these terpenes because they are readily available and can be extracted more cost-effectively than those in cannabis.

They can also be standardized to have the same concentration in all batches. Terpenes extracted from cannabis vary in concentration from plant to plant, even within the same strain.

But can plant-derived terpenes match the efficacy of cannabis-derived terpenes for sale?

Benefits of Botanical and plant derived terpenes.

Cannabis-Derived Terpenes Vs. Botanical Terpenes

This is where the debate intensifies. Are botanical terpenes better than 100% cannabis-derived terpenes? Can they match the authentic cannabis experience the CDT provides? There are no agreed-upon answers to these questions.

Botanical terpenes supporters claim that they can mimic the cannabis natural flavors and aromas by profile-matching the strains. And because botanical terpenes are readily available and can be easily obtained, they cost less, reducing production costs.

Plant-derived terpenes can also be standardized to have the same formulas all through. However, it is still not possible to match the experience provided by the cannabis-derived terpenes.

Cannabis terpenes are ideal as they provide the same scent and flavor as the original plant. They bring the same effects as the strains because they are 100% derived from the plant.

As such, they can provide an authentic cannabis experience even in vape cartridges that don’t have the full plant profile.

Which is better comes down to your preference.

Cannabis terpenes provide the desired cannabis experience, effects, and flavor, while botanical terpenes may be more consistent and cheaper.

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Are Cannabis-Derived Terpenes Legal?

This depends on two factors; the source of the terpenes and what state you are in.

Terpenes extracted from other plants and industrial hemp are legal federally and in all 50 states.

However, if they are extracted from cannabis, despite having the same chemical composition as botanical terpenes may be legally risky unless you are in states where cannabis is legal.

Cannabis-Derived Terpenes For Sale

Here is one of the best delta-8-THC products with cannabis-derived terpenes;

3CHI Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

This 3chi CDT line delta 8 THC vape cartridge from 3Chi provides an unbeatable uplifting feeling in addition to the much sought after hemp benefits.

Derived from legal industrial hemp, this high-quality vape cartridge delivers a potent dose of delta-8-THC infused with natural strain-specific terpenes. Each cartridge delivers 95%+ pure delta-8 extract infused with 5% cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT).

It is available in 1ml and 0.5ml sizes.

The 1ml option delivers 1000mg delta-8-THC and 50mg cannabis derived terpenes while the 0.5ml delivers 475mg delta 8 and 25mg CDT.

This vape cartridge contains no VG, PG, MCT, Vitamin E, or any other cutting agent.

It comes in a glass CCELL cartridge with a ceramic core and mouthpiece to ensure you have the best experience possible.

It is available in several CDT flavors, including Blueberry CDT, Berry White CDT, Electra CDT, Lemon Gelato, Gary Payton, Gelato 41, Ice Cream Cake, King Louie XIII, Lifter, London Pound Cake, Orange Cookies, Pineapple Cake, SFV OG, Snowman, Special Sauce, and Sunset Sherbet.

Ensure you click on only the strains with CDT if you want to experience cannabis-derived terpenes. This vape cartridge is available on the GreatCBDShop website for $24.99-34.99.

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Cannabis Derived Terpenes vs. Botanical Terpenes – Verdict

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of terpenes that give it the unique aroma and flavor that most enthusiasts cherish. However, terpenes are not unique to cannabis and can be found in other plants.

Due to the rising interest in terpenes, some companies are using botanical terpenes to try and mimic the flavor and aroma of cannabis with considerable success. However, cannabis connoisseurs maintain that they are yet to match the experience provided by cannabis-derived terpenes.

If the experience and effects matter to you, it’s better to stick to cannabis-derived terpenes as they deliver the plant’s real scent and taste.

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