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The 3 Best CBD Creams For Arthritis Pain in the USA

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Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain

There are many ways of consuming CBD, but if you’re looking for relief from arthritis pain or help with skin conditions, a CBD cream might be your best bet. 

For people suffering from arthritis, the stiffness, the discomfort, and the pain from the condition can be unbearable.

The conventional treatment options for this condition include steroid injections into affected joints, a joint replacement for advanced osteoarthritis, and antirheumatic drugs for rheumatoid arthritis.

But for most holistic wellness enthusiasts, these conventional medications are not enough and so they’re turning to other more natural solutions such as CBD cream for arthritis pain. But the question is, can CBD help with arthritis?

In this article, we will highlight some of the best CBD creams for pain as well as how arthritic patients can benefit from CBD.

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Best CBD Cream for Arthritis

So far, the little we know about CBD topicals for arthritis pain is promising. In a 2016 study. CBD topical application on rats helped manage inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.

However, like any other product, the effectiveness of CBD for pain or any other health benefit is dependent on factors such as quality, potency, as well as the source.

With new CBD vendors coming up every day, how can you discern the best CBD cream that can work for you from poor quality and potentially harmful products in the overly flooded CBD market?

You don’t have to worry as we have selected the best CBD creams that you should try for arthritis pain. The products have been closely evaluated in terms of their CBD quality, customer satisfaction, ingredients as well as potency. 

CBDFX hemp cream for sale. How quickly does cbd cream work for pain?

1. CBDFX CBD Cream

Top on our list is CBDFX CBD Cream. Unlike most topical products that are oil-based, this is a water-based cream and absorbs directly into your skin. It’s one of the best selling products and even made it into the Best CBD Creams and Topicals 2019 list by Vaping 360.

One of the reasons why CBDFX CBD Cream is best for arthritis is that apart from CBD and terpenes, it also contains two natural soothing/cooling agents; white willow bark and menthol. This makes it perfect for you if you want a lotion/cream to apply to discomforted areas that can use the heating/cooling of white willow bark and methanol. 

Also, being a water-based cream means the product will be absorbed quickly by the skin hence offering you instant relief. Water-based skin cares are also lighter in scent and texture as compared to oils. This makes it a favorite option for people with oily skin as it’s less likely to clog their pores or cause blockages.

Apart from relieving arthritic pain, this cream will also help remedy skin discomfort/dryness on your shoulders, legs, and other body parts.

Why CBDFX CBD Cream? Like all our other products, this cream is made using high-quality organically grown hemp. It’s free of residues, pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. 


2. Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief Cream relaxes and soothes your muscles rubbing all your arthritis pain away.

One of the reasons why most people find this product best for arthritis is because unlike most other topical creams that sit over your skin, this product from Great CBD Shop quickly gets absorbed by the skin, penetrating the layers, and finding its way to sore muscle tissues and painful joints.

Useful terpenes and other natural ingredients such as Coconut, Jojoba, and Olive have been infused with this CBD formulation, giving you a powerful salve for your arthritis pain.

Why Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief Cream? Apart from being 100% organic and THC free, this muscle relaxant cream is rich with lavender oil and chamomile extract, giving out a therapeutic aroma so you can use it anywhere without leaving a greasy residue behind.

Soothe your painful and weary limbs and joints by applying one pump (every 4-6hrs) of this cream to the affected area. 

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3. Swiss Relief Pure CBD Salve

Another product to try for arthritis pain is Swiss Relief Pure CBD Salve.

The product is composed of Calendula, Grapeseed, Arnica, Olive, Coconut, Jojoba and assorted terpenes. All these infused with high-quality CBD formulation to offer a powerful CBD salve which penetrates the epidermal layers, finding its way to your aching muscle and joint tissue.

This makes it one of the best CBD salves for arthritis pain since most topical CBD products just sit over the skin instead of penetrating and reaching the intended sore muscles and joints. 

The salve is also available in several scents; Pure, Limonene, and Eucalyptus. This means you can always get something that works for you.

There’re so many great CBD topicals for arthritis that you can explore with until you get one that best works for you. If you would want to check out other products, check the Great CBD Online Shop here.

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How CBD Cream Work for Pain

CBD cream is applied directly to the skin and is absorbed through the surface of the skin, from where it interacts with localized cannabinoid receptors.

One of the reasons why topicals such as CBD cream are preferred over the other CBD consumption methods is because they target a specific area as opposed to interfering with the whole endocannabinoid system. 

Depending on factors such as CBD concentration, frequency of use, and metabolism, when applied topically, CBD’s effects are at peaks within 90 minutes after application.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Cream for Arthritis

There’re many CBD vendors selling CBD products across the country. However, as mentioned before, not all CBD products are created equal and you need to be extra careful to ensure you are getting value for your money.

To ensure you are getting the best CBD cream for arthritis pain, ensure that;

    • Your vendor has a good reputation- Check online reviews left by other customers to ascertain this. You can also consult their customer support to see how they respond.
    • 3rd party independent lab results- Ensure you’re getting what you paid for by examining certificates of analysis from independent 3rd party lab tests.
    • CBD concentration- Find out the exact amount of CBD in your cream.

Other factors to consider include the extraction method as well as the source of hemp. It’s advisable that you go for locally grown and processed hemp as it’s more likely to be in line with the 2018 hemp bill.

Like always, don’t forget to check the Great CBD Shop for high-quality, organic and 100% THC free CBD products including CBD gummies, topicals, oils, CBD shatter, vape oil refills, tinctures, among others.

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Final Words on the Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain

CBD Creams/topicals are the best when it comes to arthritis pain or targeted treatment. This is because they are applied specifically to the affected area.

Apart from relieving pain, these topicals are also great for smooth and wrinkle-free skin. They have even been recommended as suitable natural remedies for acne.

If you using CBD cream for the first time, start by applying a small amount to just one spot, wait for 30-60 minutes before applying some more. This will give you a chance to gauge the most optimal dosage for you.

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