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Green Roads CBD Review 2020

Green Roads review

With the growing popularity of CBD, more and more people are turning to the cannabinoid to benefit from its natural therapeutic potential. It has become a buzz word on the wellness landscape.

Consequently, an increasing number of brands and products are popping up in the market, making it overwhelmingly difficult to determine which ones are effective and trustworthy. As a buyer, you need to test a lot of products before landing on the product that can work best for you.

If you feel it difficult and do not know where to start your search, no need to worry. In the following lines, we will walk you through the salient features of Green Roads products. This review would help you to what sets Green Roads apart from other brands.

The Brand – Green Roads

Green Roads is one of the oldest companies in the CBD industry. With a start in 2013, the company is obsessively focusing on innovation and quality.

Laura Fuentes, the CEO & Co-founder, was a medical professional with over 20 years of experience when she decided to launch Green Roads. A licensed compounding pharmacist, Fuentes brought a scientific approach to manufacture quality CBD products. That is the difference that sets Green Roads distinguished from the rest of the players in the market.

“For us, this is more than a business, it’s a mission,” she said. “And our customers know it. They know that we care about them. They know that we will never sacrifice quality or cut corners. They trust us with the most important thing they have, their well-being, and we take that trust seriously,” said Fuentes.

By combining scientific knowledge with a desire to assist people with their health symptoms, Green Roads developed a manufacturing process that ranges from hemp cultivation to the formulation of CBD products. The following are the salient features of their production process that contribute to their well-earned reputation of quality product manufacturers.

Green Roads CBD products

The unique CO2 extraction process

There are different ways used to extract CBD from the plant. Unfortunately, no industry standard exists in this regard. The CO2 extraction method is considered the best extraction method to separate CBD from the rest of the plant.

Green Roads CBD goes beyond the best by developing a distinctive CO2 extraction method that allows ultimate purity along with enabling them to extract maximum CBD from each plant.

Knowing the legal landscape, as well as the personal requirements of their consumers, Green Roads CBD products contain THC well below the required 0.3%. Consequently, their products are both pure and potent to deliver the ultimate CBD experience.

Green roads full spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum CBD oil

Green Roads’ emphasis on accurate formulation leads them to develop a process that meets the requirements of quality, consistency, and potency. They take the formulation of each product very seriously.

Therefore, you will find each of the broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate products, meeting the highest product quality standards.

CBD gummies

Green Roads CBD gummies offer unprecedented convenience to those who do not like the natural taste of the CBD and want to keep their CBD consumption discrete. The company presents various edible options, such as CBD Relax Bears.

The CBD Relax Bear are flavored gummies that are perfect for relaxation. Each bear delivers 10mg of soothing organically grown hemp-derived CBD. You can enjoy its flavor while unwinding your long hectic day.

Green Roads CBD does not get you high

Several people are concerned about whether consuming a full-spectrum product can make them feel high. As a consumer of CBD oil, these are legitimate concerns, but you do not need to get worried while consuming Green Roads CBD products.

Their highly accurate extraction process enables them to extract the maximum amount of CBD from each plant with small traces of THC. As a result, the amount of THC in their products is far less than the federally legal limit of 0.3%.

The minuscule amount of THC is far less than to give you a high sensation. Therefore, you can use Green Roads CBD without worrying about getting high.

Green Road Colorado Sourced hemp

Free of toxic chemicals and materials

The cannabis plant is ready to suck up everything present in the soil where they are grown. Whether it is heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, or useful nutrients, weed plant is quick to absorb them. Aware of the fact, the Green Roads know the manufacturing of quality products is not possible without quality hemp plants.

They use organically raised hemp plants that are grown in nutrient-rich soil. When hemp stems from free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals turf, the plants are of top quality. Using these plants as raw material guarantees the quality of the final products.

Therefore, you do not need to get worried anymore about the heavy metals and toxic chemicals seeping their way into your body.

Stunning variety

Green Roads have a portfolio of products to cater needs of a vast range of cannabis enthusiasts, the options for both beginners and experienced users. Their products galore includes CBD oils, gummiestopicals, and capsules across multiple flavors and strengths.

Fancy their product line?

Yet they have daily dose options if you are looking to make CBD a regular part of your routine. If your day begins with a sip of tea, Green Roads CBD tea and coffee can give you a perfect start and keep you going through the rest of the day.

Catering varying potency needs of cannabis enthusiasts, Green Roads offers broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate cannabinoid products.

Their broad-spectrum products made from hemp-derived CBD with a negligible amount of THC, come in a variety of flavors to satisfy the taste buds of CBD lovers.

But potheads looking for full-spectrum products, Green Roads offer products with essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids to allow them to experience an entourage effect. Their broad product line provides varying CBD consumption options to cater to the different needs and tastes of cannabis consumers, they have something for everyone.

Unmatched quality

From product to consumption, Green Roads meticulous focus on mini details made it a brand with unprecedented quality. It not only manufacture quality products but also ensures consumers only get their required amount of dose.

For this purpose, they provide clear labels and application guidance for all CBD products. Moreover, they made dosing fun by offering a syringe-like bottle feature.

The Great Roads offers high quality and greater transparency in their processes than many other CBD brands. Their supply chain and production processes are perfectly aligned to achieve the highest quality control standards.

By extending quality control standards to their supply chain, they make sure to source the USA based farmers who maintain high standards and implement the best practices in hemp cultivation.

To maintain the purity, safety, and potency of their products, Green Roads lab test their every batch.  Above all, you can expect exceptional customer service from them.

Green Roads the best quality products

Green Roads’ impressive list of the products offers cannabis lovers the flexibility to choose a product that better suits their needs. The following products are immensely popular among cannabis consumers for their high quality and exceptional benefits.

Green Roads CBD oil

CBD oil

Coming in a concentration ranging from 350mg to 3500mg, Green Roads CBD oil is better for beginners as well as for those who prefer high potency.

The consumers who want to use CBD on-the-go, Green Roads offer daily dosage packs with pre-filled droppers for easy use.

This brand’s CBD oil has a natural taste. If you feel uncomfortable with the flavor, you can try their oils that are terpenes and CBD infused.

Green Roads CBD coffee

CBD coffee

If you want to begin your day with a caffeine boost to experience feelings of calm and composure, Green Roads CBD coffee is the thing you need. Each sip of the coffee delivers you a unique blend of CBD and Colombian coffee.

With flaovrs such as hazelnut and vanilla, the coffee gives you a refreshing taste along with the benefits of CBD.