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The CBD + Terpenes Daily Dose is a pre-filled dropper loaded with 1 ML of our  Terpenes formula.

Perfect for on-the-go use, this is the best way to make sure you never miss your daily dose of CBD.

Ideal for beginners wanting to try another strain or flavor or for simple ready to go convenience.



Green Roads Daily Dose CBD Terpenes Oil

You can hate anyone and anything but not Green Roads CBD Terpenes Oil.

It is simply awesome.


Perfect for the beginners

The CBD + Terpenes Daily Dose is a pre-filled dropper loaded with 1 ML of Green Roads Terpenes formula.

Perfect for on-the-go use, this is the best way to make sure you never miss your daily dose of CBD Terpenes oil.  Perfect for beginners wanting to try another strain or flavour or for simple ready to go convenience.


CBD Terpenes oil

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give aroma and character to many plants including hemp. These consist of highly volatile molecules that love to rush up into the air the moment they find a way from wherever they are stored.

When added with CBD oil, terpenes enhance its therapeutic effect manifolds through a process know as the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a mechanism that allows cannabis compounds to synergistically interact with each other and modulates their effects.

Therefore, people can get enhanced benefits of CBD that contain all the natural terpenes of the green.

By acting as antioxidants and antibacterial, terpenes can protect both your brain and body from catching different diseases.


Struggling with chronic pain

Are you looking to unwind your day’s long hard work? Do you struggle with chronic pain, inflammation, or discomfort? No matter, if you are battling against anxiety.

Green Roads CBD terpenes oil with its enhanced therapeutic potential can essentially help you to address whatever needs your body and mind have.

Full spectrum product

Terpenes are highly valuable cannabis compounds that give the plant its aroma and bolster its therapeutic character. They are powerful antioxidants that offer solid benefits with every puff.

Unlike most other companies, Green Roads don’t strip out the terpenes giving you a full-spectrum product. Green Roads CBD terpenes oil gives you the maximum benefits you can expect to get from the hemp.


Best extraction method

Since CBD oil can be extracted in numerous ways, unfortunately, there exists no industry-standard method.

Green Roads set itself apart by using a unique CO2 extraction method that not only produces the purest product but also enables them to extract more from each plant.


Worry about inferior quality CBD products filled with heavy metals

Green Roads uses organically raised hemp grown in nutrient-rich soil only. The hemp has an extraordinary ability to absorb everything found in the soil it is cultivated in. Therefore, hemp grown in a soil filled with top quality compounds and nutrients is of high quality.

This top-quality hemp results in producing top-notch CBD products that are free of intoxicants and hazardous chemicals.

With Green Roads CBD oil, you don’t need to worry about heavy metals seeping their way into your body from poor soil.

Made and packed in U.S.A

Green Roads CBD terpenes oil is made and packed in the USA. In addition, the Great CBD Shop offers every product after third-party lab-testing to ensure meeting the highest product standards.

You can choose from a vast range of assorted products such as CBD oil, hemp oil, vape oil, vape oil refills, e-liquid, e-liquid refills, CBD Gummies, CBD tincture, and CBD shatter, CBD terpenes.

With their customer-focused approach, the Great CBD Shop always make sure to satisfy our customers.  Satisfied and happy customers are an asset to us.

Therefore, our customers can have all the trust in us and start putting products in your cart with confidence.

You will end up buying no other than the best product.
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