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3CHI Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridge Review – The Best Hemp Derived Products 

3CHI Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridge Review

Delta-8-THC products are slowly making their way into the health and wellness industry, and although there are many products available currently, there is one that stands out; the 3Chi delta-8-THC vape cartridge. 

The cannabinoid market is becoming oversaturated, with hundreds of brands scrambling for a piece. While this is good for consumers as prices are steadily dropping, it has also led to other problems such as low quality and counterfeit products.

However, some brands have managed to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the competition. One such company is 3Chi, the producer of the 3Chi delta-8-THC tincture.

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3Chi Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridge – What It Contains

When it comes to the cannabis Sativa plant, most people are only aware of its two most prominent cannabinoids – THC and CBD. 

But the plant contains 100+ cannabinoids, including several types of THC.

Delta-8-THC is distinct from the THC that is often associated with the effects of marijuana, delta-9-THC. 

Although the two have several similarities, including the chemical formula, number of atoms, and some properties, they also have some notable differences.

The main difference between the two is the molecular structure, precisely the location of the double bond. The ∆8-THC double bond occurs on the 8th carbon atom, while the ∆9-THC occurs on the 9th carbon atom. 

Although both are psychotropic, the difference in their structure affects how they interact with our bodies. 

Delta-8-THC tends to cause lower psychoactive effects than its infamous sibling, ∆9-THC. 

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Who Is 3Chi?

3Chi is one of the leading companies in the cannabinoid market. 

It was founded by a biochemist with 15 years’ experience in product formulation after he witnessed the benefits of CBD and THC first hand.

In 2019, the company developed a new way to make concentrated delta-8-THC from hemp, and it became the first company to offer a THC dominant product federally in the USA. 

Since then, 3Chi has continued engineering custom cannabinoid blends using the latest technologies and offer the most advanced delta-8-THC products.

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Why 3Chi?

Here are some of the reasons why most people prefer 3Chi Delta-8-THC products:

  • Lab-Tested Products

All 3Chi extracts are tested to ensure the safety and quality of the cannabinoids and other ingredients used to create the product. 3Chi also provides certificates of analysis (CoAs) for all its products for your perusal before purchase.

woman scientist or chemist with flask and sensor making test at laboratory

  • American Hemp

3Chi makes its products in the USA using hemp grown in California, Oregon, and Colorado. This ensures that their products meet all the legal and growing regulations set by the federal and state governments.

  • Biochemist Formulated

Their products are developed using scientific methods and research.

  • Custom Blends

3Chi products make use of unique cannabinoid properties to deliver specific effects.

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The Best Delta-8-THC Products From 3CHI

1. 3CHI Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridge

This delta-8-THC vape cartridge from 3Chi is one of the most potent delta-8 cartridges available currently. 

It comes in two sizes and various flavors to ensure your recreational or wellness needs are effectively catered for.

If you want more puffs or want your cartridge to last a longer time, the 1ml 3Chi delta-8-THC vape cartridge is your best bet. 

The cartridge contains a potent broad-spectrum blend consisting of cannabinoids and strain-specific terpenes that are responsible for the wide range of flavors.

The 1ml cartridge contains 1000mg total extract, specifically around 900 to 950mg delta-8-THC, which is 95%+ of the total extract, 50 to 100mg CBN, CBC, and strain-specific terpenes to enable the entourage effect, therefore more benefits.

It doesn’t contain any cutting agent, just the pure concentrated oil. 

The cartridge contains no PG, VG, Vitamin E, PEG, MCT, or any other agent that may be harmful to your health.

3Chi also offers the delta-8-THC vape Cartridge in a 0.5ml option for those starting on ∆8-THC or only uses a few puffs. 

This cartridge contains 500mg total extract, 475mg delta-8-THC, 25mg CBN, CBC and terpenes. It also doesn’t use any cutting agents.

For this product, 3Chi uses TH2 CCELL cartridges with a glass tank and high-quality ceramic heating coil. 

The ceramic coil heats the oil evenly, ensuring consistent puffs and no burns. The cartridge is breath and button activation compatible and uses the standard 510 thread.

The quality of the cartridge itself adds to the overall experience, and the fact it is compatible with 510 batteries means that you don’t have to get a new battery unless you don’t already own one

This vape product is very pure and concentrated; thus, it may be a bit harsh on the throat for those unaccustomed to vaping concentrated cannabinoids. 

On the other hand, the product is very potent, so you only need a few puffs a day.

It is available in 0.5ml and 1ml sizes and a variety of Sativa/Indica/Hybrid effects depending on the strain you select. 

Pick one today at the Great CBD Shop for $39.99 (0.5ml) and $54.99 (1ml) options.

the best delta 8 THC vape cartridge from 3CHI

2. 3Chi Comfortably Numb Tincture

The 3Chi Comfortably numb tincture is a 1:1 ratio blend of CBN and delta-8-THC with CBC and plant-based terpenes that bolster its effectiveness. 

This potent cannabinoid ratio will have you feeling relaxed, just like its name suggests. 

The additional cannabinoids and plant-based terpenes work synergistically with the 1:1 ratio blend to deliver maximum relaxation. 

The tincture also contains beta-caryophyllene making it the perfect tincture for soothing relief and calming your body and mind.

This tincture comes in a 30ml/1 oz bottle with a dropper. 

Ingredients include hemp extract, vitamin E, natural terpene blend, and medium-chain triglycerides. 

3chi Comfortably Numb Tincture is available in three potencies: 300mg, 600mg, and the most potent is the 1200mg option.

This product contains no delta-9-THC; however, it is advisable not to operate any machinery after consumption. It could also cause you to fail a drug test.

Pick the 3CHI Delta-8-THC Comfortably Numb Tincture from the Great CBD Shop online store for $39.99-$79.99 depending on potency today!

comfortably numb delta 8 THC from 3CHI-the best delta 8 THC vape cartridge from 3CHI

3. 3Chi Delta-8 Distillate Syringe

This 3Chi Delta-8 Distillate Syringe contains the highest quality ∆8-tetrahydrocannabinol formulated for those who require high dosages. 

It is packaged in a 1ml glass Luer Lock syringe and comes with a ½” blunt tip needle for dispensing into items like vape cartridges.

The product contains a high concentration of delta-8-THC testing at between 91% and 99%, although it varies per batch. 

This pure delta-8-THC oil is highly viscous and cools down almost to a solid. 

To easily dispense it, 3Chi directs that you heat it using a hot water bath for between 5 to 15 minutes until the oil can flow from the syringe more freely.

Alternatively, you can heat the syringe using a hairdryer. Don’t force the plunger as you may break the syringe. 

Also, keep a food-safe solvent such as ethanol to help you clean up.

This 3Chi delta-8 distillate syringe is available on the Great CBD Shop website for $49.99 only.

3CHI delta 8 THC oil for sale

4. 3Chi Delta-8-THC Tincture

This broad-spectrum hemp extract consists of delta-8-THC, extra cannabinoids, plant-based terpene blends formulated to deliver the entourage effect so you can experience the maximum benefits.

It comes in a 1oz/30ml tincture bottle fitted with a calibrated dropper for easy dosing. 

Ingredients present include a natural terpene blend, MCT oil, hemp extract, and Vitamin E. It contains no ∆9-THC.

This product is available in three potencies: 300mg for $29.99, 600mg for $49.99, and 1200mg for $79.99. 

Note that this product is not intended for vaping. Pick one today at the Great CBD Shop.

300mg delta 8 THC oil from 3CHI

3Chi Delta-8-THC Products Review – Take Away

3Chi is one of the leading delta-8-THC producers in the USA. 

It uses locally grown hemp and hemp extracts to manufacture its products and is transparent when it comes to the ingredients used.

3Chi provides consumers with CoAs for all its batches. 

Their popular vape cartridges, like all their products, are made of high-quality hardware and are reasonably priced.

∆8-THC may cause mild psychotropic effects compared to ∆9-THC.

Ensure you consult a medical professional before using it, especially if you are already on medication. 

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