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When Size Does Matter…Where To Buy 3g Disposable Vapes?

When Size Matters....Where To Buy 3g Disposable Vapes

Introducing 3g Disposable Vapes To The Hemp Derived THC Space

Over the last couple of months we have watched a lot of changes occur in the hemp derived THC space with a lot of the industry giants paving the way forward with new ideas, hardware, and innovation. One of the most recent changes is the move from 1ml and 2ml disposables to 3ml disposables.

As a consumer the number one thing we all want is more “bang for our buck” and it looks like that is exactly what these companies are trying to accomplish going forward. Besides the fact that you are getting more distillate per disposable there are some other benefits to going bigger as well which we’ll address further into the blog!

Changes Occurring In The Scene. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

As we briefly mentioned above over the previous months we have watched a lot of changes in the scene. Most of the big changes we have seen have been for the better of the scene going forward, some things maybe not so much. We will briefly go over some of these changes before we discuss why 3ml disposables are one of the good changes.

The Good

  • The switch from regular distillate to live resin distillate.

Some of the industry leaders have completely reformulated their older product lines, even discontinuing them to replace them with live resin products. Treetop Hemp Company and URB (Lifted Made) have both completely removed their regular delta 8 THC products from the lineup and replaced them with live resin.

So, do we consider this a good thing or a bad thing?

In our humble opinion at Great CBD Shop we believe this is a good change going forward. Live Resin often times offers a higher potency as well as stronger flavors and intense aromas closer to the plant. If a product can be made to taste better, why offer less than that?

  • 3ml Disposables

And the trend this entire article is based around, 3ml disposables. In the past few months many of the industry leaders have been increasing the ml in their disposables. Orginally we saw the trend move from 1ml to 2ml and now we are seeing this further increase to 2.5ml and 3ml devices.

Good or bad?

Personally we think this is a good thing, who doesn’t want more bang for their buck? Along with getting more distillate, it looks like most of these large devices are also seeing hardware upgrades to improve the overall vaping experience going forward.


  • Blended Products And Collaborations

This has been a trend going on now for nearly a year and a half. Many industry leaders are teaming up together to make collaboration products (mostly blended products) as well as focusing heavily on blends such as D8 | D10 | THCP etc.

Is this good or bad?

Coming from the perspective as a company who handles the products on the back end…our thoughts are “Another one….” “Where do we put this…with Extrax or with Happi stuff?” In terms of consumers and smaller brands getting the chance to showcase their work along side industry giants we think it is a good thing.

In terms of blending together multiple cannabinoids, you can’t really argue with the science. Blending together multiple cannabinoids does offer additional benefits and companies are able to offer unique THC experiences vs the same only thing over and over again.

The Bad

  • Have you heard of THC-kx17?

This year alone several new cannabinoids have hit the scene. THCPO, CBDV, THCh, Delta 11 and numerous others.

Good or bad?

We believe this a bad trend to continue following. Although yes, some of these cannabinoids may be useful and safe there isn’t a lot of science or information on most of them because they are so new. At this point we think sometimes they are just throwing letters together and then at the wall hoping they stick. Considering Delta 8 and the other well known cannabinoids are already under attack, we don’t see continuing to add new noids into the mix ending well.

What Are The Benefits of 3g Disposables Besides The Additional MG Increase?

Obviously one of the biggest benefits to moving to 3g disposables is the fact that you get more distillate and depending on how much you vape…your getting more bang for your buck and spending less money in the long run.

The additional benefits come from upgrades to the hardware of the devices themselves. When taking a look at a 1ml and some 2ml devices they are very run of the mill basic devices. Most you can just pop out of the package and pull on them, don’t have to worry about recharging them, and they are sleek.

While this is convenient it also comes along with some problems including duds, increased clogging, poor battery. We have all purchased a disposable and the battery dies and you still have distillate left in the device. Now you are stuck with product that you can still use, but cant get out of the device without breaking it and creating a mess.

The 3g Difference

With the new 3g disposables coming onto the market there have been some noticeable upgrades. Most devices are now button activated, rechargeable, with more powerful batteries.

Along with the fact that being button activated allows you to physically turn off the device to save power on the battery, it also allows for things such as the preheat function. Having a pre-heat function allows for less leakage as well as optimal cloud production.

Another thing being added to some of these devices is variable voltage, something you would generally find on a regular 510 cartridge battery. This offers users to alter their vaping experience based on their preferences. Some users enjoy having a more dominant flavor from their device at a lower voltage while some prefer a harder hit which can be done vaping at higher voltages.

Overall, increasing disposable vapes from 1ml to 3 ml has come with an increase in product, and an overall better vaping experience which we can fully get behind!

Where Can I Buy 3g Disposable Vapes?

Luckily enough for you, you can get them right here at Great CBD Shop! We have gone through some of the newest 3g disposable vapes currently on the market and hand selected what we think are some of the best available! We will also be showing you an honorable mention brand new 2.5g disposable vape that recently hit the market from one of our favorite brands STNR Creations!

Ocho Extracts Live Resin THCP | D8

Ocho Extracts Live Resin THCP D8 Disposable 3g

Ocho Extracts Live Resin THCP | D8 Disposable 3g are the second set of disposables in Ocho Extracts new Live Resin lineup. Each disposable is a blend of Live Resin THCP and Delta 8 THC mixed with fruity refreshing terpenes just in time for summer! Expect not only a potent high, but a refreshing blast of flavor with every hit!

Ocho Extracts Live Resin Tri-Blend

Ocho Extracts Live Resin Tri-Blend Disposable 3g

Ocho Extracts Live Resin Tri-Blend Disposable 3g is a brand new line of live resin disposables. These are one of the first 3g disposables to hit the hemp derived THC market, and we doubt you’ll be disappointed! Each disposable is a blend of Live Resin Delta 8, Delta 10, and THCO distillate mixed with classic terpene flavors. One Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strain so they have you covered for any situation!

Purlyf Live Resin D8 |THCP |THCO Diamonds 3g Disposable Vapes

Purlyf Live Resin D8 | THCP | THCO Disposable 3g

Purlyf has outdone themselves with this device.

They’re first 3g disposable and it packs a punch! Using both diamonds and live resin with a powerhouse blend of cannabinoids and unique terpene profiles to seal the deal!

Rechargeable with pre-heat function.

Available in 3 strains.

Urb Infinity Blend Disposables 3g

Urb Infinity Blend Disposables 3g

Urb has taken their most popular blend the infinity blend and turned it into a rockstar disposable device! A 3g disposable that offers a powerful battery with a USB-C rechargeable port. This device is also button activated with pre-heat functionality and variable voltage.

Rift Delta 8 THC Mini Escape Pod Disposable 3g

Rift Delta 8 THC Mini Escape Pod Disposable 3g

Rift’s Delta 8 THC 3g escape pod like many other 3g devices offers pre-heat functionality, 3 different firing modes, and is USB-C rechargeable so users can utilize every last drop of distillate!

Happi THCH | THC-P | D11 Happy Hour Disposable 3g

Happi THCH | THC-P | D11 Happy Hour Disposable 3g

Happi has decided to join the 3g disposable ranks! Users can experience a highly potent cannabinoid blend with unique and delicious terpene flavor profiles.

Space Gods Live Resin Delta 8 +Delta 9 Space Pods 3g

Space Gods Live Resin Delta 8 +Delta 9 Space Pods 3g

This is Space Gods first non-edible product in their lineup. They wanted to ensure it was a proper introduction! Each device is 3g, live resin, and button-activated.

Zombi Extrax Oleo Resin Blackout Blend Disposable 3g

Zombi Extrax Oleo Resin Blackout Blend Disposable 3g

This 3g disposable is a masterpiece from up and coming company Zombi and industry giant Delta Extrax. These devices are 3g, oleo resin, and USB-C rechargeable!

Urb Delta 9o Disposable 3g

Urb Delta 9o Disposable 3g

Urb uses its top-of-the-line hardware and combines it with the newest innovative cannabinoid on the market! Each device is live resin, 3g, button-activated with pre-heat functionality, and USB-C rechargeable!

Zombi Apocalypse Blend Disposable 3.5g

Zombi Apocalypse Blend Disposable 3.5g

Zombi laughs at silly 3g disposables! This disposable combines potency with powerful long-lasting hardware. Each disposable contains a powerful battery with a USB-C recharge port. It is also button-activated.

STNR Creations D8 | D10 | THCP | THC-JD Disposable 2.5g

STNR Creations D8 | D10 | THCP | THC-JD Disposable 2.5g

High quality cannabinoid blend paired with high quality hardware, who could ask for more!?

Trippy D8, D10, THCP, THC-JD offers a hard hitting longer lasting high with feelings of euphoria and energy.

Sub ohm coil, adjustable airflow, and USB-C rechargeable.

Available in 3 flavors.