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Pax Labs: The Future Of Portable Vaporizers

The Future Of Vaporizers

What most users look for in a device is quality, more control over their vape experience, and ease of use. Pax Labs has been an industry innovator in creating vaporizers that fit neatly in your pocket vs. sitting on a table. They have blended simplicity with high-quality products. The two newest devices to hit the market are the PAX Plus and the PAX mini. Both devices have fewer pieces to juggle while packing them and have received additional updates!

Wait, People Still Smoke Flower?

Over the last few years, consuming THC in several methods has become increasingly more accessible. The most popular way currently is liquid-filled vape cartridges. These cartridges are sleek and discreet and offer hundreds of hits per cartridge. Although this new method is popular among THC users, it’s estimated that 30-40 percent of users still prefer to ingest THC via traditional flower. With the convenience of vape cartridges, you might ask why such a higher percentage still prefer flower.

Different varieties of cannabis have different effects on a user’s mind and body, and many of the compounds found in flower are lost during distillation to create carts. Some users prefer to get the full flavor of the plant and experience the aromas they can produce. PAX Labs has designed these devices for those users who prefer to smoke flower and want to do this with ease on the go!

PAX Mini And PAX Plus Upgrades

If you are familiar with PAX Labs, then you have likely heard of the PAX 2 and PAX 3, as well as their other devices. To develop this new hardware, PAX’s in-house team interviewed previous customers. Many customers requested device they could pack less full and clean more efficiently.

PAX has designed a new oven and included 3D oven screens to do just that! They have been built with aluminum, doubling as a heatsink to keep the device operating at a precise temperature. The satin finish and rounded edges also make it feel much more comfortable in a user’s hand.

What Are The Benefits Of The PAX Plus And PAX Mini?

As previously stated, PAX Labs is an expert at blending simplicity and high quality in its portable vaporizer devices. This allows for not only THC connoisseurs to use and enjoy their devices but even grandma to be able to use them!

The Mini is the simplest of their new devices. Consider it to be their iPod shuffle-style device! This device can be picked up by literally anyone. There are no crazy features and no need to change temperatures; pack it wait for the 22-second heat time, hit it, and enjoy!

At first, we thought no temperature control was an awful idea until we realized how the device works. The Mini uses proprietary algorithms to ramp the temperature up and down during a user’s session without them ever having to touch it. It is reported to operate on the lower end of the temperature spectrum primarily. The Mini offers smooth sessions with automated temperature control that is perfect for any user. It is also reported lower temp vaping reduces many risks associated with smoking flower traditionally!

The Plus is a two-in-one device. The Plus can use both flower and concentrates. It has also received an increase in chamber size for optimal packing. This device was designed for users who still want to have the ability to control their temperature.

Holding and tapping the mouthpiece allows users to cycle through 4 different temperature settings, from stealth (low-temp) to boost (high-temp), with efficiency and flavor settings in between.

What Kind Of THC Products Can I Use In My Devices?

Depending on which device users choose, they can use either flower OR concentrates. If users have chosen the Mini, strictly a dry herb vaporizer, they can choose between using their bud or PAX’s infused THC pucks. These THC pucks come in at a whopping 32% THC content and cost 40 dollars.

If users have chosen the PAX Plus, they can choose between their THC, PAX THC pucks, or concentrate!

If I Buy A Pax From Great CBD Shop, Does It Come With The Warranty?

Great CBD Shop is an authorized dealer of PAX Labs devices. Any PAX device purchased from Great CBD Shop includes the warranty that comes with that specific device. The PAX Plus includes a ten-year warranty, and the Mini includes a two-year warranty.

Pax Plus Dry Herb + Concentrate Portable Vaporizer

Pax Plus Dry Herb + Concentrate Portable Vaporizer

Pax Mini Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

Pax Mini Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

The Takeaway

Great CBD Shop will be carrying these devices very shortly, and will ship them just as fast as our other products! Stay tuned for more smoke shop related items in the future!