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How To Use CBD Oil For Back Pain

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Best CBD Oil For Back Pain

Millions of people suffering from back pain are turning to hemp oil for relief because of its pain relief properties, lack of side effects, and other natural hemp plant benefits. 

But before starting, you must know how to use CBD oil for back pain properly. 

To fully benefit from hemp oil’s natural benefits, it must be applied correctly to reach the affected parts. Otherwise, it would only be a waste of time, money, and good oil. 

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to try CBD oil for your back pain. 

According to a study on the rising prevalence of chronic low back pain, 95% of all cases will recover within a few months while the others will develop chronic lower back pain lasting for more than three months.

Using traditional over the counter pain killers for that long may lead to other side effects, including dependence and addiction. This is a big deal, especially in today’s opioid crisis. 

CBD oil offers a safer, natural alternative that may not only alleviate your pain but also provide your body with other long term benefits. But how should you use this wonder compound?

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How to Use CBD Oil for Back Pain?

CBD oil can be used in several ways to help manage back pain. It can be taken orally, sublingually, inhaled, or applied topically. All those methods have their advantages and shortcomings. 

Here is how to use hemp oil for back pain:

Using CBD oil sublingually (Under the tongue)

This method is one of the fastest ways to alleviate your back pain. It’s easy to measure the dosage, it is discreet, and it’s easy to use as it doesn’t require additional tools.

All you have to do is apply a few drops of hemp oil under your tongue (most tinctures come with droppers), hold it there for 30 seconds to one minute before swallowing. 

The CBD is absorbed through the thin mucous membrane under the tongue into the bloodstream. Effects kick in between 15 to 30 minutes after administration.

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Swallowing CBD Oil

Hemp oil can be ingested in several forms. It can be added to food and taken as edibles, it can be swallowed in its oil form, and it can also be made into capsules.   Also many natural herbs are perfect for helping with ailments such as back pain.  Turmeric and other natural herbs can safely be used in conjunction with CBD oil.  

Swallowing CBD is a fun and easy way of taking the compound as it is discreet; the edibles can mask the oil’s taste, and there are endless options of how you can create edibles.

However, CBD taken through this method takes more time to kick in as it is exposed to the digestion process and the first-pass effect.

Effects kick in after one to two hours after swallowing.

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Topical CBD Oil Application

Another way to take hemp oil for back pain is through topical application. You can place CBD on the skin in the form of a lotion, balm, ointment, or CBD cream

Apart from providing relief for your back or muscle pain, this method also leaves you with a moisturized skin and helps with conditions such as acne.

To use CBD topically for back pain, clean the affected area to remove dirt, other oils, and anything that may prevent the CBD from penetrating the skin. With your finger, place the cream directly on the affected part and spread it evenly around the area.

CBD topicals may provide instant relief. However, the effects are not as long-lasting as those delivered via the other methods.

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CBD Oil and Back Pain: Does CBD Oil Help With Back Pain?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a cannabinoid that occurs in both marijuana and hemp plants. 

It has become very popular in the health and wellness industry due to its ability to reduce pain, inflammation, and overall discomfort. But can it help manage back pain?

Back pain is a leading cause of disability in the world, according to the World Health Organization

In the US, researchers estimate that over 80% of the population will experience an episode of lower back pain at some point in their life. 

Back pain is also very costly to treat, with Americans spending more than $50 billion in health care costs annually. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

Back pain is also responsible for more than 264 million lost workdays every year, according to the American Chiropractic Association

The good news is, most people will recover, and only a small percentage will develop chronic and disabling back pain—however, reoccurrence is common, ranging from 20-44% within one year for working populations. 

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So, Is CBD Oil Good for Back Pain?

CBD has two properties needed to alleviate back pain; anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. These are also its most researched uses. 

Additionally, CBD also helps improve sleep for those with chronic pain, reduces discomfort, and provides a general feeling of wellness throughout the body.

It does that by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the system responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. This includes regulating appetite, hormones, inflammation, and pain responses.

To reduce pain, CBD acts functions as an anandamide reuptake and breakdown inhibitor

This increases the levels of this compound in the bloodstream, therefore, helping reduce pain and elevating mood.

Anandamide is usually associated with feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

One study published in 2012 found that CBD significantly reduced chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain in a rat model. 

Another 2014 study found that CBD reduced the effects of disc injury and had an anti-degenerative effect in rats inflicted with spinal injury. 

More research on humans is still required to confirm these effects.

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CBD Oil Dosage for Back Pain

When it comes to CBD, there is no one-fits-all dosage because of the many variables involved. The amount of CBD oil for back pain you should take depends on;

  • Your weight
  • The severity of the pain
  • The concentration of the hemp oil you are using 
  • Your metabolism rate

It is advisable that you consult your doctor about the dosage and potential effects. 

If your doctor doesn’t provide a recommendation, the rule of the thumb is starting with a small dosage and gradually increasing it until you reach the desired effects

High doses of up to 1500 mg of CBD per day are well tolerated in humans, according to a 2011 study. Ensure you keep track of the dosage and whether the symptoms improve.

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The Best CBD Oils for Back Pain

Here is our list of the best CBD oil for chronic back pain from the Great CBD Shop.

1. Swiss Relief Mint CBD Tincture

This CBD oil is designed to help you with all types of pain and discomfort

It’s available in five potency options depending on the level of pain you are looking to alleviate; 250mg for minor pain, 500mg, 1000mg, and 3000mg, the highest potency for severe and chronic pain.

This product contains mint that adds the soothing effects of CBD, as well as leaving you with a fresh fragrance. Pick up this product at between $17.25 – $110.40 at the Great CBD Shop.

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This hemp oil is recommended for use by those with minor aches and pains. It is made from 100% organic hemp grown in the US by one of the most reputable CBD companies. 

It’s available in mint and citrus flavor to make it more palatable. 

It is available in three potencies; 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. 

Pick one today at the Great CBD Shop for $34.50 to $67.85 for the highest potency.

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Take Away: How to Use CBD Oil for Back Pain

Back pain is a very common condition globally. 

While most cases will recover within three months, some develop to chronic and can be disabling. Using over the counter drugs for back pain may cause other side effects such as dependence and addiction, hence the current shift to natural treatment alternatives.

CBD oil may help you manage back pain and inflammation if dosed and used correctly. 

Consult your physician before starting on CBD, especially if you were already on a treatment plan. 

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