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Choosing The Best Delta-8 Vape Battery

Best Delta-8 Vape Battery

There is more to vaping than choosing the best vape juice or cartridge. Having a good delta-8 vape battery is one of the main factors that determine the overall quality of your vaping experience. 

While the choice of vaping juice, atomizer, and cartridge contributes to the overall vaping experience, batteries sometimes make the difference between a poor or the best vape of your life. This however doesn’t mean that you should neglect the other parts of your setup.

In this article, we lay out some tips on how to get the most out of your delta-8-THC vape cartridges as well as list some of the best batteries.

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What Is A Delta-8-Vape Battery?

Your vape device consists of several different parts, regardless of the type you buy. A vape battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It can be built into your vaporizer or made for use with mods that are designed to use interchangeable batteries,

A vape battery is the core part of your vaporizer as it provides the power needed to heat the coil which in turn heats the vape juice, wax, or herb to form the vapor. Without the battery, it would be impossible to produce vapor.

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Why Choosing The Right Delta-8 Vape Battery Matters

As we have already established, having the right battery helps determine the quality of the vapor as well as improve your overall vaping experience. But the right battery is more than that, some of the reasons why you need a good battery are:

  • It determines how good the cartridge hits – This is probably the most important factor in choosing the best vape battery. While the battery life is important, it has to deliver high-quality hits. That means having the best airflow possible and supplying enough power to produce the best delta-8-THC vapor.

If a battery can last for the whole day but deliver poor quality hits, it is not the right one for you.

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  • Safety – The right battery should have safety measures. However, modern batteries are far from what they were when vaping was still new. So when properly used, you should not have anything to worry about.
  • Convenience – The battery you get should be portable, compatible with the kind of cartridges that you buy, offer good performance, and have a long life. Meaning you have to put into consideration things like where you vape, how often you vape, how long it takes to charge, and how long it will last.

So, how do you buy the best delta-8 vape battery?

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How To Choose The Right Vape Batteries

Choosing the right battery depends on the purpose. What are you going to use it for? People have different preferences when it comes to flavor and the thickness, or amount of the vapor produced. However, those are not the only factors you should consider when making a decision.

Most vape devices will include specifications on the packaging, product pages, or the user manual. Here are the main features of the delta-8-THC vape batteries that you should pay attention to:

  • Battery Capacity – Measured in Milliamp Hours (mAH), the battery capacity is what determines how long the battery will last on a single charge. The higher the mAH, the longer the battery will last, but also the longer it will take to charge.

If you are always on the move or plan to travel to places where you can’t access charging outlets, a higher mAH battery is what you want. If you only vape at home then the capacity of the battery shouldn’t be a major factor.

However, a higher rating doesn’t always mean a better battery and a battery with a higher capacity doesn’t have a higher current.

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  • Volts–Voltage is another important consideration, especially if you plan to use different types of delta-8-THC vape cartridges and distillates.
  • Adjustments & how customizable it is –  Most modern vape batteries have variable voltage and other adjustments to help you use any type of cartridge as well as get the most out of your carts.

Having variable voltage helps customize your vaping experience, just as you would like it.

Consider The Type Of Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges

Most modern batteries and delta-8-THC vape cartridges use 510 threading. 510 threading is the term used to describe the threading used to connect the vape cartridges to the batteries. 

The cartridge is usually 5 millimeters in length and there are 10 threads, hence the term 510. Most batteries and cartridges that use this threading are compatible, however, there exist other configurations such as 808 threading so ensure you shop with care.

Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges also determine the quality of the vapor. Superior distillate will always be better than poor quality concentrate. To ensure the quality and safety of your delta-8-THC cartridge, only buy from reputable producers and sellers.

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The Best 2021 Vape Batteries For Delta-8 

1. YoCan UNI Pro Universal Box Mod 

Featuring a newly updated design, this YoCan UNI Pro Vaporizer Mod gives you the most bang for your buck. With its premium feel and features, you can now get the most out of your high-quality delta-8 cartridges.

The vaporizer is equipped with adjustable height and width settings which means you can use any of the 510 threaded cartridges available in the market today. 

YoCan UNI PRO features include:

  • High capacity 650 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Variable voltage output of 2.0V-4.2V
  • 10-second preheating function
  • Magnetic 510 threaded adapter
  • LED battery life indicator
  • MicroUSB port and cable
  • Adjustable atomizer height and diameter settings
  • OLED display screen
  • Juice viewing window

This YoCan box mod is available on the Great CBD Shop website!

YoCan UNI Pro Universal Box Mod

2. Smok Novo 2 Kit – POD System Vape Battery

Smok Novo 2 is an upgraded version of the Novo draw activated device. It is optimized on all fronts: From the internal 800mAh battery that will have you vaping for longer to the newly added air intakes on both sides to enhance airflow. 

These redesigns will allow for cloudier vapor and purer taste. Like the first-generation device, Smok Novo 2 has a curved body to allow a more comfortable grip.

Smok Novo 2 Kit Features:

  • High capacity 800mAh battery that can run for up to three days on a full charge (200 puff/day)
  • LED battery indicator
  • Enhanced airflow for a better vaping experience
  • Easy to use on the go – Comfortable and small size

Smok Novo 2 Kit is available on the Great CBD Shop Website.

Smok Novo 2 Kit-POD System Vape Battery

3. Hamilton Cloak 510 Vaporizer Battery 

Enjoy your delta-8 vape cartridge using one of the coolest and most discreet 250 thread battery in the industry! Although it is designed for use with CCELL cartridges, it will work with any 510 threaded cartridges.

The Cloak 510 is auto draw-activated, you don’t have to press any buttons or worry that the battery may fire in your pocket.

Hamilton Cloak 510 is designed to be discreet. It has a protective cover that conceals your cartridge in such a way that you can’t tell what type of vape it is from the outside.

Product Features:

  • Discreet – allows for stealth vaping
  • Auto draw-activated buttonless technology
  • Fits 510 threaded carts, both 1ml and 0.5 ml
  • 650 mAh battery capacity
  • Rechargeable with Micro USB cable included
  • Custom color and branding available

Get this awesome Hamilton Cloak 510 vape battery at the Great CBD Shop today!

Hamilton Cloak 510 Vaporizer Battery

Vape Batteries For Delta-8 – Conclusion 

Batteries are an integral part of your vaping experience. While most people spend more time choosing cartridges, vape juices, and concentrate, vape batteries influence the quality of the vaping experience you get. Get a poor battery and your superior distillate won’t make your vaping experience any better.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the features of the battery before purchasing it and where possible, check customer and product reviews. 

To ensure that you get the most out of your cartridge and most importantly a safe battery, only buy original products from reputable sellers.

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