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Best delta 8 dabs to try in 2022

best delta 8 dabs in 2022

Delta 8 THC dabs are the perfect form of Delta 8 to enjoy effects that are a little more potent, faster and hit a little bit harder.

Before talking about the best Delta 8 dab brands, one can trust, let us discuss what Delta 8 dabs or Delta 8 wax are?

What are Delta 8 dabs?

Delta 8 dabs, also known as D8 dabs or Delta 8 wax dabs, are highly potent cannabis concentrates. It means small quantities of Delta 8 THC wax provide a more dynamic and euphoric experience to the users. These pliable and sticky substances with a golden tint resemble candle wax or ear wax. The high potency and stability make Delta 8 concentrates the most potent forms to experience the effects of Delta 8 THC.

what are delta 8 dabs

Are Delta 8 Dabs good?

Many users, especially those new to Delta 8 THC, wonder if it is a good idea to dab Delta 8. The answer to this question is yes. Since Delta 8 dabs come in a highly potent and incredibly pure form, they are good to experience the powerful effects of Delta 8 THC. The users report these cannabis concentrates offer an amazingly unique D8 experience for the following reasons.

  • You can vaporize D8 wax with ease. 
  • These Delta 8 concentrates offer 40%-50% bioavailability.
  • D8 dabs come in a highly concentrated form; therefore, you can get more D8 from a small amount of Delta dab wax.
  • Usually, delta 8 dabs are full-spectrum products that provide even potent effects.

Best Delta 8 dabs in the market

best delta 8 dabs in the market

The users who want to experience the hard-hitting, fast, and potent effects of Delta 8 THC, Delta 8 dabs are perfect products for them. The following is the list of the best Delta 8 dabs available in the market.

URB Delta 8 THC Designer Dabs

URB Delta 8 THC Designer Dabs is a newly released product, as its name connotes it is an artisanal, top-notch blend. It is not just Delta 8 concentration but a blend of cannabinoids, strain-specific terpenes, and flavonoids that provide a unique cannabinoid experience.

These products are created in small batches to offer cannabis connoisseurs a fine and fast Delta 8 experience. These designer dabs containing a blending of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids come in three formulations that offer users an array of aromas, tastes, and effects. They let users choose a taste and aroma profile that best suits their preferences and allow enjoying the effects of Delta 8 THC in the best possible way.

URB Delta 8 THC Sauce

Our second product in the list of best Delta 8 dabs is URB Delta 8 THC Sauce – again a product by URB. The reason behind the inclusion of the second product from URB in this list is its formulation. These classic Delta 8 dabs are 80% Delta 8 potent, while the rest of 20% is reserved for CBN, CBD, and strain-specific terpenes.

These dabbing products containing a high concentration of Delta 8 with other cannabinoids and terpenes are the most powerful dabs users can trust to enjoy potent effects.

Delta 8 Dabs Sauce is available in three terpene-specific profiles: Sativa, a great daytime strain; Indica, best for nighttime use; Hybrid, it falls in the middle of daytime and nighttime use.

With each gram of URB D8 THC Sauce, you will get a whopping 800mg of incredibly pure and highly concentrated Delta 8 THC. The flavor profile and effects of these d8 dabs make them a product that you could not ignore. We highly recommend you give it a try, and you will simply love these d8 wax.

Delta 8 Farms D8 Live Resin Sauce

Delta 8 Farms D8 Live Resin Sauce is a golden-colored Delta 8 concentrate dotted with cannabinoid crystals. The formulation of this Delta 8 Sauce makes it a unique D8 concentrate.

Delta 8 Farms takes CO2-extracted Super Sour Space Candy Live Resin and then adds a blend of highly pure Delta 8 THC, other cannabinoids, and a smidgen of cannabis-extracted terpenes to produce a high-quality product that never disappoints. The users report this incredibly potent Delta 8 dab offers uplifting and calming energetic effects. If you are looking for something extra from a Delta 8 sauce, this D8 Live Resin Sauce by Delta 8 Farms contains a blend of varying cannabinoids, including CBD, to give you a little more ‘kick’.

Toxic Delta 8 Gram Sauce

Toxic Delta 8 Sauce

Toxic Delta 8 Gram Sauce is a highly potent delta 8 wax currently testing at 97.5% Delta 8, while the rest of 2.5% includes strain-specific terpenes. This D8 sauce by Toxic Delta 8 comes in multiple terpene profiles that offer strain-specific effects and flavors. This wider strain-specific variety offers Delta 8 users an opportunity to choose a terpene profile that best meets their needs and preferences.

The high potency and incredibly varying flavors make them a distinctive delta 8 dab that can provide hard-hitting and fast delta 8 effects. If you are Delta 8 veteran, you can enjoy the hard-hitting effects of delta 8 dab that offers uplifting, calming energy in a flavor of your choice.