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Why is live resin getting more popular? What benefits does it offer to the users?

Why live resin is getting popular

Live resin is relatively new to the hemp world but has become increasingly popular among users and manufacturers. It preserves the natural terpene profile of the living cannabis plant and offers aromas, flavors, and effects better than other extracts.

Live resin extracts contain valuable terpenes and deliver users a distinctive experience.

What exactly is live resin?

What is live resin

Live resin is unique among all cannabis concentrates since it contains a high terpene profile. It looks like shatter or wax – not quite like taffy, yet not too wet. It looks dark yellow, but its color can vary from light yellow to white. Live resin is more viscous than other concentrates, and you need a dab tool to handle it.

They are popular because of their high THC content and intense aromas and flavors that they carry from the original plant.

Is live resin all natural?

Is live resin all natural

The cannabis plants are frozen after harvesting to keep terpenes and flavinoids intact. Later, the extract is drawn from the frozen plants using a specialized method. The concentrate obtained is considered one of the best on the market by many users. Live resin is a natural concentrate that boasts terpenes and flavinoids that rival the original plant.

In other words, the best way to protect the natural compounds of the cannabis plant result in the production of live resin concentrate.

How is live resin made?

How live resin is made

Live resin stands apart because it originates from fresh-frozen cannabis plants. These frozen plants are kept in the same state during the extraction process and skip the dying, curing, and trimming stages of harvest.

The regular extraction process involving dying and curing have a devastating impact on the terpenes and other compounds. Terpenes exist in the trichomes, which expose to heat, oxygen, and light during the drying and curing process. They can also break off the plant when handled and moved around during harvesting.

On the other hand, freezing the plants immediately after the harvest ensures the preservation of trichomes and retaining valuable terpene profile, original flavor, and fragrance throughout the extraction process. The final product is the live resin which is packaged as it or added to carts for vape pens.

Will live resin get you high?

Is live resin get you high

Live resin is a full-spectrum concentrate that carries a maximum number of compounds found in the cannabis plant. These extracts offer a potent high. Terpenes boost the impact of cannabinoids to create much-pronounced and long-lasting body and mental effects.

That happens because cannabis cannabinoids enhance each other’s effects due to a synergic process called the entourage effect. Therefore, live resin extracts produce more potent effects than traditional distillates.

Benefits of live resin

benefits of live resin

The goal of live resin is to preserve the trichomes, so the end product has maximum terpenes and cannabinoids. Due to the high percentage of valuable compounds, live resin concentrates offer medicinal and therapeutic effects.

In addition to producing aroma and taste, terpenes act synergistically with cannabinoids to offer specific mental and physical effects.

For instance, myrcene is a sedative terpene, and when combined with THC, it can promote a deep state of relaxation. Moreover, live resin offers convenience to growers because it is easier to cut and freeze the whole plant than to cut, hang, dry, trim, and cure.

Why is live resin so cheap?

why live resin is cheap

Live resin is comparatively a lower-cost product. Manufacturers can keep the price down due to the large scale at which they can produce this product. The growing demand has prompted extensive scaleable processes for the mass production of live resin products.

What is the difference between live resin and shatter?

live resin vs shatter

Live resin and shatter are two different cannabis concentrate forms. Shatter is a popular concentrate that boasts a delicate and translucent look. In comparison to live resin, shatter contains very few terpenes. It attains its flawless structure after passing through several purification and filtration processes. While it produces the purest product, the concentrate loses many of the terpenes and flavonoids of the plant.

Shatter has a translucent look which consumers like, and boasts a typical taste. It is the best choice for people who want an energizing, joyful high, and delightful cannabis experience. Live resin has a robust aroma compared to shatter. Unlike others, this concentrate is produced from fresh-frozen plants and preserves its terpenes. Shatter contains a more significant THC content, but live resin has more potent effects.

Live resin is an excellent option for people seeking therapeutic effects, such as relaxation and pain relief. The soothing properties of this concentrate will uplift your mood and make you feel a lot better.

Which concentrate is better? Live resin with a high concentration of terpenes and flavinoids is more potent than shatter and produces effects that help reduce pain and improve sleep quality. The live resin has more intense body and mind effects than shatter, which loses terpenes and flavinoids during purification.