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Why Is Live Resin Better? Where To Purchase Live Resin?

This is a picture of some of the Live Resin products available at Great CBD Shop
This is a picture of some of the Live Resin products available at Great CBD Shop

Introducing Live Resin

If your familiar with the THC space its likely that you’ve heard this new term pop up a lot recently. Although Live Resin isn’t a new process as it has been being used with the cannabis plant for some time, the same process is now being used for the hemp plant as well. What makes Live Resin unique in regards to other extraction methods is that most methods involve a drying or curing phase. During these phases in most cases a lot of the original plant is lost leaving you with a sub par product.

In this blog we’ll go over the unique extraction process used to create this concentrate, the differences between other concentrates, and where you can obtain some of these products in the space.

What Is Live Resin, And How Is It Made?

The most simplistic way to explain what Live Resin is that it is made from “live” or very fresh hemp plants. Most other concentrates rely on a drying or curing phase before extraction. Live Resin uses a very different process which we’ll explain below.

The Extraction Process-

Unlike other extraction processes, this concentrate is made from “live” or fresh plants. This can be done in two different ways. The first way would be a manufacturer starting the extraction process and sending it to the production line immediately when the plants are harvested. The second and more popular way is upon peak harvest time whole plants are cut down and flash frozen.

Whole plants are placed in a freezer containing dry ice or slowy dipped into a container with liquid nitrogen. The plant matter is then kept frozen until ready to be extracted. At this point the plant is thawed and passed through a cooled solvent at -40 degrees. The solvents are then purged from the plant when ready at a much cooler temperature than most extraction processes.

Why Does This Extraction Process Make A Difference When Creating A Concentrate?

This unique extraction process makes a world of a difference when creating a concentrate. As we stated above, this concentrate is made using very fresh plants. But why does this matter? Using fresh plants helps preserve the terpenes and potent cannabinoids in their original ratios and concentrations.

The various different drying and curing stages in other processes affect the final product when producing concentrates. During these stages is when buds can often lose much of their terpene profile and even potency as trichomes fall off of the plant.

What Are Trichomes, And Why Do They Matter?

There are many different kinds of trichomes that live on hemp and cannabis plants. In short, trichomes are the tiny sugar like substances and crystals that appear on on the buds and leaves of a flowering plant. In these little crystals is where all of the beneficial aspects of the plant are located. This includes flavanoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes which all play a huge role in flavor and are absolutely crucial to achieve the desired “entourage effect” we all know so well.

The Takeaway-

Flash freezing extraction makes a world of a difference. Manufacturers use fresh plants and very low temperature extraction which preserves the trichomes. In preserving the trichomes on the plant this also preserves all of the important things that can be lost in the drying or curing process. All of those delicious terpenes, flavanoids, and cannabinoids are kept in this process. This gives the final product a richer smell, better taste, and in some instances a higher cannabinoid content. If your a THC connoisseur and enjoy the experience being as close to the original plant as possible, this type of product is definitely for you.

Live Resin VS Other Concentrates

Now that we have gone over the benefits of Live Resin, your probably wondering “Well what about the other concentrates?” No concentrate is inherently worse than the other, at the end of the day it all comes down to our unique human interests and flavor palate.

  • Live Resin Vs Shatter-

The main difference between Live Resin and shatter is that shatter is processed by using mature flowers and trim that have already been dried or cured. Depending on the manufacturer shatter may be a more potent option but what it makes up for in potency it lacks in flavor. Most of the terpenes orginally in the flower are sacrificed during the extraction process.

  • Live Resin Vs Sugar Wax-

Wax may be the closest concentrate to Live Resin in terms of both potency as well as flavor. Sugar wax is also a terpene rich concentrate. Live Resin still beats it with a far richer and far more intense flavor profile.

  • Live Resin Vs Budder-

Both of these concentrates offer a potent and aromatic high for users. Some even prefer budder due to its consistency and being easier to work with.

  • Live Resin Vs Distillate-

Distillate is essentially the polar opposite of Live Resin. The purpose of Live Resin is to keep as much as the terpene profile from the plant as possible. The purpose in creating a distillate is to create the most pure THC concentration possible. Most distillates will have no flavor at all unless terpenes are added after the process is complete.

The Takeaway-

Live Resin is taking off in popularity due to the fact that it is both potent as well as drastically more flavorful than any other concentrate. We have all had a product that tasted a little to much like chemicals or nothing at all. No one wants that. At the end of the day, each form of concentrate has its own benefits whether its more malleable and easier to handle or more potent. It all comes down to your preferences, wants, and needs that will help provide you with an enjoyable THC experience.

Where Can I Buy Live Resin Products?

Great CBD Shop has a ton of these products available! We’ll list just a few for you below.

Hitoxic Live Resin Jeffrey Cart

This is a picture of Hixotic Live Resin Jeffrey Cart 2g THCO | THCP | D10 | HHC. Russelwreck strain

Hixotic is a newer brand in the THC realm but we don’t see them staying there for long. All of their hemp is US based and they are dedicated to bringing you the most high quality exotic cannabinoids available.

Urb Gourmet Live Resin D9 + HHC Gummy

Urb Gourmet Live Resin D9+HHC Gummy

Urb is yet another industry leader. If your looking for a mouthwatering gummy, these will absolutely do the job. Each bite is a mouth full of wonder and excitement as to how they could bring this much flavor.

Delta Extrax Live Resin D8 | HXY-11 | THC-H Goliath Device + Pods

Delta Extrax Live Resin D8 | HXY-11 | THC-H Goliath Device + Pods

Delta Extrax did it again! Introducing a highly potent blend inside of a high-quality pod system device! Each device blends Delta 11 THC, Delta 8 THC, THCH, and live resin terpenes.

Cali Extrax Live Resin THCP | THC-H | D11 Vape Cartridge 2g

Cali Extrax Live Resin THCP | THC-H | D11 Vape Cartridge 2g

Cali Extrax is a brand manufactured by none other than Delta Extrax. They focus on high-potency blends of the hottest cannabinoids on the market! Every single one of their products is live resin infused.

Looper Live Resin Melted Series Pre-Rolls

Looper Live Resin Melted Series Pre-Rolls

Looper takes their famous melted series blend and has infused it in premium grade hemp flower! Users can choose from several different live resin blends including THCO, HHC, THCP, Delta 8, and HHCO.

Torch Diamond Live Resin THC-O Disposable 2.2g

Torch Diamond Live Resin THC-O Disposable 2.2g

Torch launches classic cannabis terpene flavor profiles with live resin infusion for these disposables! Each device uses their award winning hardware and high-quality lab tested THCO.