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What Are Functional Mushroom Tinctures? Everything You Need To Know

What Are Functional Mushroom Tinctures

Functional mushrooms and plant medicine have been used for centuries in eastern medicine for their powerful health benefits. Now that they have become widely popular in western culture, there are many different ways to consume them. But what is the best way to consume these wellness-boosting powerhouses?

Eating mushrooms fresh has got to be the best way to consume them, right!? This is probably the worst way to consume them. Let us explain. Fungal cells are strengthened by a substance called chitin. Chitin is difficult for the human body to digest and break down.

When eating fresh mushrooms, their fungal cells, and any medicinal substances within exit the body still intact. This prevents our bodies from absorbing all of that beautiful goodness inside these mushrooms! Eating them fresh would be essentially a complete waste.

The key to unlocking all of these medicinal properties within the mushrooms is to break down the chitin cell walls. This allows the compounds within the fungal cells to become bioavailable and then absorbed by the body! The process of breaking down the chitin walls is done through extraction. This blog will cover extraction methods, the potency of tinctures, how to incorporate tinctures into your daily routine, and where you can start your journey!

What Is Mushroom Extraction?

As mentioned above, mushroom supplement extraction breaks down chitin cell walls to isolate the compounds within and ensure they are bio-available to the human body. Traditional extraction involves soaking raw materials (mushrooms, in this case) in a liquid extract solvent, such as alcohol. This process releases the plant’s nutritional and medicinal compounds locked within the mushroom’s cells.

Extraction yields concentrated mushroom extracts used in tinctures or infused in gummies or chocolates. There are three main types of extraction methods when extracting mushrooms.

Hot Water Extraction-

This is the most common extraction method and has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in eastern medicine. Hot water extraction is done by heating the mushrooms in large vats of hot water that are left to simmer for long periods, creating a “decoction.” This substance is then spray dried, making a powder rich in beneficial compounds and more easily absorbed by the body.

This method extracts polysaccharides, including beta-d-glucans responsible for mushrooms’ immune-boosting properties.

Alcohol Extraction-

Some compounds in mushrooms, such as triterpenoids, are better absorbed by alcohol than water. This process involves soaking mushroom fruit bodies in alcohol for weeks and then pressing the liquid off afterward.

Dual Extraction-

As mentioned above, some compounds are made available through water extraction, while others are made available through alcohol extraction. This leads companies to do dual extraction to create potent extracts that offer the best of both worlds. This involves performing an alcohol extraction and a water extraction and combining those extracts.

These are the three most common types of extractions performed, but other extraction methods are also used.

How Potent Are Functional Mushroom Tinctures?

Functional mushrooms in tincture form are much more potent than mushrooms in other forms, such as eating them fresh or consuming them as a powder. This is because, as we explained above, extraction processes break down the fungal cell walls making the compounds within the mushrooms more bio-available and easy for the body to absorb.

This is especially true if dual extraction was performed. Products created using dual extraction methods will contain ALL of the compounds within the mushrooms in a highly concentrated and bio-available form. Users can also consume more mushrooms via tincture form than other forms.

How Can I Use Functional Mushroom Extract Tinctures?

Functional Mushroom tinctures are available in standalone mushroom tinctures or mushroom blends. There are many different varieties and combinations of mushroom tinctures on the market. Which one users decide to take will depend on the type of health or adaptogenic benefits they are seeking.

Chaga- Chaga mushrooms are best known for their potent immune-boosting properties and gut health benefits.

Lion’s Mane- Lion’s Mane mushrooms benefit nerve health, focus, and memory. This mushroom can be found in many brain-boosting nootropic stacks.

Reishi- Reishi helps control cortisol and stress responses within the body and supports immunity.

Turkey Tail- Turkey Tail is great for boosting immunity and gut health.

Knowing what each type of mushroom offers in terms of benefits can help a user decide on the right choice. Although many mushroom supplements are catered to a customer’s specific needs, for example, “Mushroom Extract Energy Blend.” Mushrooms can be used for many things, including mood-boosting, energy, and overall wellness!

How Much Mushroom Extract Tincture Is A Good Dose To Take?

Consuming mushrooms via tinctures is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to start incorporating functional mushrooms into your daily routine. Just like with any other supplement introduced to the body, users should begin slowly and gradually increase the dose as necessary. We recommend 1-2 full droppers to start.

Mushroom tinctures can be dropped directly into your mouth via the dropper provided or added to any hot or cold beverage! They are also easy to bring places on the go and can be used anytime. Although some mushrooms, such as reishi, are known to have a more calming/sedating effect and may be better off dosed in the evening or before bed.

How To Incorporate Mushroom Tinctures Into Your Daily Routine

Tinctures offer an easy, fast, convenient, and effective way to include the amazing healing benefits of mushrooms into your daily routine. They are small, can easily be taken on the go, and require little to no cleanup!

Tinctures can be taken at any time of the day; keeping their effects in mind, users obviously wouldn’t want to lose a more sedating mushroom to start their day.

Personally, at Great CBD Shop, we like to use mushrooms for energy and focus. One simple and effective way to incorporate mushrooms into your daily routine is to stack them with other supplements!

For example, an excellent stack for focus and energy throughout the day is adding lion’s mane to your coffee along with l-theanine. This creates the perfect calm laser focus to complete any task!

For users looking to experience a boost to their immunity and overall wellness, it’s as simple as taking one or two droppers of a functional mushroom tincture at the beginning of your day!

What Functional Mushroom Tinctures Does Great CBD Shop Offer?

Currently Great CBD Shop has two different reputable brands offering functional mushroom tinctures catered to your needs! CBDfx, and Happy Mush!

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Energy Tincture

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Energy Tincture

This extract tincture blends functional mushrooms, CBD, and other plant medicine to offer long lasting energy with no risk of jitters!

CBDfx Focus Mushroom Blend CBD + CBG Drops

CBDfx Focus Mushroom Blend CBD + CBG Drops

CBDfx took their expert knowledge of CBD and created this potent and effective blend of functional mushrooms and CBD to offer last focus and overall well being.

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Sleep Tincture

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Sleep Tincture

When looking for a sleep product users come to find that most fall short of what they need. Many products will focus on ingredients designed to keep users asleep, or ingredients designed to help aid you into getting to sleep. Happy Mush combines functional mushrooms along with CBD + CBN to provide both! Reishi is well known to help regulate cortisol levels and promote a sense of calm, while CBN is known to induce more restful sleep and keep users asleep.

CBDfx Relax Mushroom Blend CBD + CBN Drops

CBDfx Relax Mushroom Blend CBD + CBN Drops

This tincture is the perfect blend of functional mushrooms and CBD to help users truly unwind after a long day.

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Arousal Tincture

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Arousal Tincture

Although this product is designed to inspire confidence in the bedroom, user’s shouldn’t expect this to be a magic tincture to solve all of their problems! Do you need more confidence in the bedroom? Do you want to make sure you are in a good mood before doing the deed? There is a mushroom for that! This blend contains functional mushrooms and other natural plants designed to inspire confidence in you, and little man.