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What Are Functional Mushroom Extract Gummies? What Are There Benefits?

What Are Mushroom Extract Gummies?

n 2022 the world is full of everyday stressors and pollutants attacking our bodies. Over the last few years, covid 19 has shown how easily our immune systems can be compromised and how important it is to be healthy. Many people don’t even know where to begin to get healthy. What exercises do I need to do? How do I need to eat? What supplement do I need? It can be easy to become overwhelmed. Many people tend to major in the minors or hop from diet to diet.

Life doesn’t have to be that complicated! Eastern medicine has used mushrooms for hundreds of thousands of years for their myriad health and adaptogenic benefits. Now western medicine is finally catching up and realizing how beneficial adding these mushrooms to your routine can be.

Many companies even go as far as taking all the guesswork out of it for you and creating products that cater to specific needs! You don’t have to be doing EVERYTHING correctly; even small changes or additions to your current routine can benefit your health and immune system.

With functional mushrooms becoming widely popular in the west, you can add mushrooms into your routine in a fun and tasty ways! This blog will go over one of these new and tasty ways. We will go over mushroom extract gummies, how they can improve your day-to-day life, where to implement them in your routine, and more!

What Is A Mushroom Extract Gummy?

When thinking about mushroom edibles such as chocolate and gummies, the first thing that comes to your mind may be “magic mushrooms” or psilocybin. Although there are many products or homemade mushroom chocolates that do contain psilocybin and are psychoactive, we aren’t going to be talking about that kind in this blog.

The type of mushroom gummies we will talk about is functional mushroom gummies. The next time you hear about mushroom edibles, we hope your thoughts will gravitate toward health, clarity, and comfort. Functional mushrooms can be just as powerful and life-changing as magic mushrooms. When in gummy form, it makes them more accessible and convenient for people to experience the wealth of benefits they provide.

Mushroom Extract gummies are a simple and enjoyable way to incorporate functional mushrooms into your daily routine. A mushroom extract gummy is a mushroom supplement that is chewable and made from pectin or gelatin. These gummies are then infused with mushroom extract and flavor additives to make them tasty and enjoyable for everyone!

What Is A Mushroom Extract?

Why not go out into the wild and pick and eat whole mushrooms? This is the worst way to consume functional mushrooms and why mushroom extract products have become so popular. Eating an entire mushroom will not provide you with any of the myriad health benefits they are known to provide.

The cell walls of mushrooms are made of a substance called chitin. Our bodies have a hard time breaking down and digesting chitin. Since our bodies have such a hard time breaking this substance down, we don’t absorb any of the vital nutrients contained inside when eating a whole mushroom.

This is where the extraction process comes into play. Extraction methods use water or alcohol and heat, breaking down the chitin and releasing valuable nutrients. Using extraction methods, companies can also make a more concentrated and potent product.

What Do I Look For When Looking For A Mushroom Extract Gummy To Try?

You should be paying attention to a few different things when looking for a functional mushroom extract product to try. With mushrooms becoming widely popular in the west, there are tons of companies and products to wade through to find the right product for you.

One of the first things a user should be looking for in a mushroom extract product is the extraction process used. Why is this important? As stated above, two types of extraction methods are used, one using water and another using alcohol. Some compounds, such as triterpenoids, can only be extracted using alcohol.

The best products will have used a dual extraction method. This means they have done both water and alcohol extraction and blended those extracts. Making a product this way ensures users get all the valuable compounds from the mushrooms.

Another thing users should be looking for is if the company is using mycelium or fruiting bodies to produce their products. There are two main pieces of mushroom mycelium (basically the roots of a mushroom) and fruiting bodies (the actual mushroom that sticks out of the ground.)

Fruiting Bodies have proven to be more potent and chemically beneficial than mycelium. Many companies will cut corners and use mycelium, creating a less effective product.

What Are The Benefits Of Mushroom Extract Gummies?

Functional mushrooms have been used for thousands of years for many reasons. Most users see these products as a holistic way to improve their health. Many look toward them for their adaptogenic and nootropic properties. Below we’ll list the most common uses of functional mushroom gummies.

Nootropic Support

Are you experiencing brain fog? Do you want to get an edge on the competition? Functional mushrooms may support blood circulation (including the brain) and are often called brain food. Optimal blood circulation in the brain leads to better mood stability and concentration. Lion’s Mane is known to boost mood, concentration, and memory.

Energy Levels And Vitality

Many micronutrients in mushrooms may help to promote energy levels. Cordyceps contains cordycepin and adenosine, which play a key role in energy production at the cellular level.

Adaptogenic Support

Many functional mushrooms also fall under the category of adaptogens. Adaptogen is a fancy word for plants and mushrooms that help support homeostasis within the body. Reishi works to promote calm within the body by regulating cortisol levels and fighting off stress.

Stress Relief

As stated above, many functional mushrooms help to stave off mental and physical stress within the body. Reishi and Chaga are the best options to consider when fighting stress-related illnesses.

Immunity Support

Functional mushrooms are packed with beta-glucans known for their role in promoting a healthy immune system, cell function, and turnover.

What Kind Of Mushroom Gummies Best Suit My Needs?

When looking for a mushroom extract product to suit your needs, users will find that many products take the guesswork out by creating specific blends that cater to energy, sleep, stress relief, etc. There will also be mushroom supplements that are strictly one type of mushroom.

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi Mushrooms are known for supporting longevity, immunity, and vitality. They may support an overall feeling of calm and help to fight mental and physical stressors in the body.


Cordyceps can offer an excellent balance when paired with Reishi mushrooms supporting mood stability and a sense of well-being.


Chaga mushrooms are the ultimate immunity booster but can also provide a natural energy boost.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are best known for supporting focus and concentration. They may also aid in supporting gut health.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail mushrooms may aid gut health and are often considered a pre-biotic.


Maitake mushrooms are considered an adaptogenic mushroom and aid in supporting a positive mood and overall sense of well-being.


Shiitake mushrooms support heart health and have long been used in many culinary dishes.

How Many Functional Mushroom Gummies Should I Take?

There is no one size fits all answer for how many mushroom extract gummies a user should take. There are many variables to consider when asking this question, such as blend, potency, and individual needs. As with any supplement introduced to the body, users should start with one gummy and ramp up if needed.

When Should I Take My Mushroom Extract Gummies?

This is another question that all depends on what best suits a user’s needs and the type of blend they may be using. If a user uses an energy blend, they will take this earlier in the day, but if they use a calming blend, this would best be taken later in the day.

Where Can I Purchase Functional Mushroom Extract Gummies?

Here at Great CBD Shop we pride ourselves on only bringing on the best products available. We currently have several brands with plans to expand!

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Focus Gummies

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Focus Gummies

This mushroom extract gummy blends Lion’s Mane and limonene to help create laser sharp focus and creativity.

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Immunity Gummies

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Immunity Gummies

This mushroom extract gummy blends turkey tail, chaga, reishi, and other plant based medicines to create the ultimate immunity booster

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Sleep Gummies

Happy Mush Mushroom Extract Sleep Gummies

This mushroom extract gummy blend contains reishi and two popular terpenes well known to help sleep.

Take Away

Although stepping into the world of functional mushrooms may seem confusing at first, doing the research and adding them to your routine can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. This guide should provide a new user with enough information too make an educated decision when making a functional mushroom gummy purchase!