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Review of Pinnacle Hemp: Why should you buy their products?

pinnacle hemp product review

Pinnacle Hemp is a trusted CBD manufacturer that entered the industry with a mission to offer quality hemp products at highly affordable prices. After watching their daughter recover from epilepsy, the husband-and-wife duo decided to establish Pinnacle Hemp to share the natural goodness of CBD with others.  

Pinnacle CBD delivers products that live up to their commitment to do quality products to meet the varying needs of the users. They use Colorado-grown 100% industrial hemp to manufacture products that are non-GMO, PG-free, and PEG-free. Their products contain full-spectrum extracts that deliver all the beneficial effects of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC, and terpenes. The products by Pinnacle CBD contain only a trace amount of THC. They will not get you high and are perfectly safe to consume.

There are several reasons to use Pinnacle Hemp products to meet your CBD needs, but the following are the most compelling ones.


Pinnacle Hemp products come with varying prices labels to ensure you can choose a product that best matches your needs and budget. To promote the hemp revolution and ensure everyone has access to CBD, they set the lowest possible prices of their products.  Their products come in so many potencies, flavors, and prices, you can easily choose a product that delivers you the maximum CBD benefits.


Pinnacle CBD aware of the different CBD needs of users offers products of varying strengths, formulations, flavors, and prices. To cater to the varying consumption needs of different users, they have designed a product line where you are sure to get a product that meets your preferences and needs well.

 Whether you like to take CBD oil, cartridge, tincture, salve, or prefer to chew it in the form of favorable gummies or even more, Pinnacle Hemp products will never disappoint you.

Their full-spectrum products combine various cannabinoids to create the entourage effect. If it is not enough for you, you can try Pinnacle Hemp’s Delta 8 infused CBD products designed to deliver unique cannabinoid effects. Combining the energizing effects of Delta 8 with the therapeutic potential of CBD, these products allow users to get a different kind of cannabinoid experience.

Product sourcing

Pinnacle Hemp sources hemp grown in Colorado that is of high quality and safe to produce their products. They extract the cannabinoids effectively and safely from the hemp plants using the cryogenic ethanol extraction method.

At this point, Pinnacle CBD sent their extracts to third-party independent labs to ensure no pesticides, metals, residual solvents, mold, and mycotoxins. Though this level of testing is not performed for every product, cannabinoid profile testing is done across the board to confirm CBD potency is accurate; and THC concentration is less than 0.3%.

The best Pinnacle CBD products

Pinnacle Hemp has done everything right to offer its CBD products in the market. They source the finest quality organic hemp, use the safest extraction methods, maintain the highest quality standards, and above all set their product prices reasonably. The following is the list of products that you can use to meet your CBD needs.

Pinnacle Hemp full spectrum CBD gummies

Pinnacle CBD full spectrum gummies are chewable candies that you can easily bite on to get your daily CBD dose. There are several benefits when you take CBD gummies to improve your health and wellness. These tasty snacks deliver you the goodness of the hemp plant in the most flavorful way. You can easily take them around and can use them at a place and time of your choice conveniently and discreetly.

Each gummy of Pinnacle CBD contains 10mg of hemp-derived full spectrum CBD and other cannabinoids. The users who like small packings can get a jar of 20 gummies, but those who love more can get 50 or even 100 gummies per jar.

These gummies come with third-party independent lab results to demonstrate the quality and consistency of these CBD edibles.

You can get Pinnacle Hemp full spectrum CBD gummies at the Great CBD Shop at a price ranging from $19.99 to $39.99.

Pinnacle Hemp full-spectrum CBD oil

Pinnacle hemp full spectrum CBD oil

Pinnacle CBD is an innovative hemp manufacturer that always looks out for ways to serve the needs of its customers. Giving a twist to their most trusted tincture formulation, Pinnacle Hemp presents full-spectrum CBD oil. By adding MCT (medium-chain-triglyceride) oil, they offer it in a bottle of 30ml size.

For accurate and convenient dosing, this CBD oil comes with a dropper applicator with clearly labeled measurements. It is available in two packings – 600mg and 1200mg. The quality and consistency of Pinnacle Hemp Full Spectrum CBD oil are the highest duly shown by the third-party lab tests. If it is not enough for you, the affordable price of this CBD product is another reason you should get it. Available at the Great CBD Shop in a price range of $42.99 to $62.99.

Pinnacle Hemp renewing salve

Pinnacle hemp renewable salve

To cater to the needs of people who want to include CBD products in their skincare regimen, Pinnacle Hemp has introduced Renewing Salve. They have created a highly effective formulation involving simple and powerful ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Emu Oil.

The mix of full-spectrum CBD and natural ingredients can create effects that can take your skincare to the next level. This CBD cream provides the best relief since it contains full-spectrum CBD oil that can produce potent cannabinoid effects.

Pinnacle hemp salve made from natural plant extracts is the best relief cream on the market that can do wonders for your skin. It comes in 500mg packing, which is available at a $49.99 price.

Pinnacle Max 1:1 CBD & Delta 8 tincture

Infusing their full-spectrum hemp extract with high-grade hemp-derived Delta 8, Pinnacle hemp created a unique formulation for individuals seeking to enjoy the potent effects of two legendary cannabinoids. The 1:1 ratio of this tincture produces the entourage effect to provide maximum relief.

Pinnacle Max 1:1 CBD & Delta 8 tincture allows users to experience the therapeutic effects of CBD and uplifting body and mind buzz associated with Delta 8 THC. They offer the potent blend of two famous cannabinoids in tincture form that provides the fastest effects. It is an ideal product for individuals who seek to experience cannabinoid effects instantly. This 1:1 CBD Delta 8 tincture is available in 1200mg and 600 packings. You can get it at the Great CBD Shop for $29.99 -$49.99.

Pinnacle Hemp Delta 9 gummies

Pinnacle Hemp Delta 9 gummies are manufactured from medical-grade Delta 9 THC and are 100% Farm Bill 2018 compliant. Pinnacle Hemp offers their Delta 9 gummies in packing of 20mg, 100mg, and 300mg such that each gummy delivers 10mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC.

Despite these gummies delivering you enough Delta 9 THC, the total amount of Delta 9 THC will not exceed 0.3% per dry volume.

Pinnacle Hemp gummies offer assorted flavors to enable users to get their dose of Delta 9 THC without the earthy taste associated with the hemp. These Delta-9 gummies are manufactured following the highest quality standards to offer effective and safe consumption. The third-party lab tests show all the ingredients with their respective amounts to demonstrate their commitment to transparency.

Given the quality of these gummies with their flavorful taste, they are the best Delta-9 edibles available in the market you can get to address your cannabinoid needs. Moreover, these gummies are available in a wide price range of $5.99 to $65.99.

It allows users to enjoy the great effects of Delta 9 while paying a price that best fits their budget.

Pinnacle Hemp Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinnacle CBD?

What is pinnacle CBD

Pinnacle CBD is a hemp company that manufactures a range of CBD products. The company is called with different names such as Pinnacle Hemp, Pinnacle, and Pinnacle CBD. They use unique proprietary formulations to create products that are effective and available at highly affordable prices.

Is Pinnacle CBD good?

Is pinnacle CBD good?

Yes. Pinnacle Hemp sources high-grade 100% organic hemp to get extracts for their products. They use the cryogenic ethanol extraction method to extract cannabinoids safely and effectively from the hemp plant. Going above and beyond, they follow the highest quality and consistency standards to offer products that provide an unforgettable experience. Moreover, they charge highly affordable prices. You will never be disappointed whenever you use their products.