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THCa Dabs/Sauces/Batters are potent, offering various forms of concentrated THCa or Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid to consumers.

These products provide a diverse and elevated experience for cannabis enthusiasts. This description explores THCa Dabs/Sauces/Batters, highlighting formulations, brands, and unique features.

THCa Dabs

THCa Dabs are highly concentrated cannabis extracts, often created through the extraction and purification of THCa from the cannabis plant.


Pure THCa Distillate with Terpenes

Great CBD Shop proudly presents ‘Sugar THCa Diamonds 2g‘ from notable brand Sugar. This premium product is skillfully created with 96% pure THCa distillate, guaranteeing exceptional potency.

Enriched with terpenes, it promises a delightful and enduring dabbing experience, catering to those who value both purity and flavor.

THCa Sauces

THCa Sauces are cannabis extracts that combine highly potent THCa crystals (diamonds) with a terpene-rich liquid sauce, creating a dynamic blend of flavor and potency.


THCa + THCP Diamonds + Sauce Concentrate

The product ‘THCa + THCP Dabs 1g–Diamonds In Sauce‘ by Hi On Nature is an exquisite blend of THCa and THCP in a diamonds + sauce concentrate.

This fusion delivers a distinctive combination of cannabinoids, ensuring a comprehensive and potent dabbing adventure.

THCa Batters

THCa Batters, also known as Badders, are cannabis concentrates with a whipped, cake batter-like consistency, offering ease of use and a distinctive texture.


THCa + THCP Batter Concentrate

Hi On Nature proudly offers ‘THCa + THCP Dabs 1g–Batter,’ featuring THCa + THCP batter concentrate. With a whipped, cake batter-like consistency, it’s user-friendly.

This concentrate, often regarded as a wax, distinguishes itself as one of the thickest and stickiest choices, delivering a potent, enduring dabbing experience.

Notable Brands

Apart from the above listed products, we at Great CBD Shop offer THCa Dabs, Sauces, and Batters from the following top notch brands.

Hi On Nature



Delta Munchies