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Spensary is a huge name in the hemp derived THC space.

Chances are if your familiar with THC companies you are aware that this is a Delta Farms sub company.

For a long time Delta Farms specifically focused on only Delta 8 THC products and Spensary was their way to experiment with the other cannabinoids rapidly entering the scene.

They focus on a ton of different cannabinoids and are highly innovative. You can expect to find anything from Delta 8 THC to THCP and THCV and even some potent blends.

Their most popular products are their CBD/D8 and CBN/D8 blends. As we mentioned above they are highly innovative and have created products such as their THCV mints and gummies.

You can get bulk cannabinoids on their site and even find some cannabinoids you might not have even heard of yet!