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Puro Cannagar is a hemp derived THC company that focuses primarily on infused pre rolls.

Puro Cannagar offers a premium smoking experience every time.

Each cigar is pre rolled with grade A quality cannabinoids to ensure high quality smoke each and every hit! Puro sources all of its high quality hemp right here in the US. The process they use on there hemp plants is nothing short of the best. Each premium flower is slow dried for a period of 14 days and cured at MINIMUM an additional 14 days. This preserves the cannabinoid content and enhances the terpene profile to ensure you guys with only the best flavor. Oh, we almost forgot to mention. These pre rolls aren’t just sprayed with cannabinoids like some others. Each pre roll is infused with distillate!

In addition, each joint goes through quality control procedures. This ensures you always have a firm pack for perfect draw and even burn!

Enjoy a premium experience at a fraction of the cost of some other companies!