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Deltiva 8 is a well known and highly recommended Delta 8 THC brand in the space. They primarily work strictly with Delta 8 THC in all of its forms.

Carts, Flower, Gummies, tinctures, you name it!

What sets Deltiva 8 apart from other brands are a few key differences in how they produce their products.

First off, they use ALL natural terpene flavors and picked what they consider the most popular terpene profiles available.

Secondly, they use state-of-the-art processing techniques to create ultra-purified Delta 8 THC distillate of crystal clear quality and potency. All of their products boast a 90% and above potency level with transparent lab tests to back it up!

More recently, Deltiva has introduced Tryp Mushroom Gummies which became an instant hit with users. These gummies offer users premium mushroom extract wrapped in delicious flavors.