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Kratom And Kratom Products Quick FAQS

Kratom Quick faqs

What Are The Main Kratom Vein Colors?

There are three primary kratom vein colors. The three main colors are Green, White, and Red. The color of the veins on the mitragyna speciosa plant leaves is determined by the maturity and when they are harvested.

Users may also see additional colors being used, such as gold and yellow. These colors are typically two of the primary three colors combined.

What Do The Names After The Color In A Kratom Title Mean?

Users will see two things in a kratom name in the kratom space—for example, yellow maeng da, green Malay, white Borneo, etc. The color of the kratom will typically tell a user what kind of effects that particular strain will offer. The second part of the name tells users what particular region kratom was harvested in—Malay=Malaysia, for example. Where kratom is grown and harvested can also determine some of the effects of the plant due to different climates and maturity levels from other regions.

What Is The Most Popular Kratom Strain On The Market?

One of the most popular and sought-after strains in the kratom space is Maeng Da Kratom. This kratom is a combination of two different kratom strains and is known to be highly potent. Maeng Da Kratom is harvested at full maturity and has higher mitragynine and 7 hydroxy mitragynine content than other strains. Because of its potency and effects, users often enjoy the Maeng Da Strain.

What Is The Best Kratom Strain On The Market?

The best thing about kratom is that there are so many strains. There will always be a strain for every user to enjoy, although it may require trial and error to find their favorite strain. That being said, there is no “best” kratom strain. There are kratom strains known to have higher potency and different alkaloid profiles, but this truly comes down to user preference.

What Effects Do Green Vein Kratom Strains Produce?

Green vein kratom is the most balanced of the colors available to users. Green Vein kratom typically offers mood-boosting properties, boosts mental and physical energy, and aids in relieving stress and anxiety.

What Effects Do Red Vein Kratom Strains Produce?

Red Vein kratom produces the most sedating effects out of all colors. Users can expect euphoric effects in small doses. Red Vein kratom also offers sedating properties, such as aiding in pain relief and stress relief.

What Effects Do White Vein Kratom Strains Produce?

White Vein Kratom is the most stimulating of all of the colors. It is also called “natures Adderall,” offering intense focus and high energy. Many users use white vein kratom to replace coffee or energy drinks entirely or use it in place of these things later in the day.

How Long Does It Take Kratom To Kick In? How Long Does Kratom Last Once It Takes Effect?

Many variables come into consideration when answering these questions. Some of these things have you eaten, your metabolism, your age, medications, etc. That being said, there are generalized time frames. Users should feel the effects of their kratom anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on if they have used leaf powder or a more potent extract-type product. Once kratom kicks in, the effects can last 4 hours up to 8, with the main effects starting to diminish in around 6 hours.

What Dose Of Kratom Should I Take?

Kratom is a plant where less is always more. That being said, this is another question so many users spend time on that will truly range from person to person, depending on the product type. In terms of plain leaf powder, it is suggested to start at 3 grams and slowly increase.

Once a user’s sweet spot is found and they are happy with the effects, it isn’t recommended to go above that. In terms of an extract product, a user will need significantly less due to higher potency and should be much more cautious with their dosing. We suggest starting at 20 or 30mg for an extract product or even less than that.

What Type Of Kratom Products Are Available To Users?

With kratom becoming increasingly popular for its aid in pain relief and even in helping addicts quit opioids, many different products are available. The traditional products are plain leaf powder, capsules, extract powder, capsules, and shots. Some other types of kratom available come in gummy, taffy, chocolate, and even flavored water enhancers!

What Is The Best Way To Take Kratom Products?

As mentioned above, there is a multitude of options regarding taking kratom. The most popular choice for powder users is to brew it into a tea, or if you don’t have time take some capsules. If using extracts, gummy extract products are the best as they can help mask the awful taste of kratom or take liquid kratom extract shots.

What Kratom Products Does Great CBD Shop Offer?

At Great CBD Shop we offer a wide range of kratom products from plain leaf powder to extracts. All the products we carry are from reputable brands that we found stand above the rest!

Happy Hippo Flavored Kratom Powder- Green Vein Maeng Da

Happy Hippo Flavored Kratom Powder- Green Vein Maeng Da

Users know that kratom is bitter and can taste like earth! Happy Hippo has fixed this issue opening kratom use up to even beginners by masking kratom flavor with delicious flavored kratom!

Kratomade Kratom Extract Drink Additive Powder

Kratomade Kratom Extract Drink Additive Powder

Kratomade is another product geared toward eliminating the awful bitter taste associated with kratom! They spent months perfecting just the flavors alone on this product!

Nano K Kratom Extract Chocolate Minis 100mg

Nano K Kratom Extract Chocolate Minis 100mg

Get the same amount of kratom extract from a shot in a tasty chocolate instead!

Nava Leaf Kratom Cookies | 250mg

Nava Leaf Kratom Cookies | 250mg. Each cookies contains 250mg kratom extract. Available in Vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate.

Enjoy the effects of kratom in the form of tasty cookies!

Take Away On Kratom Products

Although kratom is known to be bitter, there are many options for new users that allow them to reap the benefits without the awful flavor! Above is only a fraction of the kratom products available at Great CBD Shop. Check out our Kratom dropdown menu on the website for the full selection!