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Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Brand Review

Happy Hippo Herbals Brand Review
Happy Hippo Herbals Brand Review

When looking for a kratom vendor online or even researching a brand you may have seen in a smoke shop; there are a few things to look out for to ensure you are getting a quality product. In 2022, millions of different kratom brands popping up all over the place as kratom continues to grow in popularity.

The popularity of kratom has surged in the US for numerous reasons, such as its energy-producing and pain-relieving properties. It has also become famous for helping curb opiate addiction and aid in recovery.

There are several things a user should be looking for when looking into a new kratom vendor or brand. The main things a user should be looking for are the quality of the product, what other consumers are saying about the product, pricing, how it is sourced, and the employees’ knowledge and care about the product. This review will review these things and a few others regarding the brand Happy Hippo Herbals.

Does Happy Hippo Have Good Quality Kratom?

When looking for a new vendor, the quality of the kratom should be your number one concern. I know what you’re thinking, “how can we judge the quality of a kratom we haven’t tried yet?” There are several ways to tell if a kratom vendor has high-quality kratom. The first thing a user should be looking for is if the product is lab tested and if those lab tests are easily accessible on their website. This shows transparency, and users get a safe product free from heavy metals, fillers, and other things sketchy kratom vendors may put into their products.

Another good sign that a vendor may have high-quality kratom is if they are GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Processes). This certification holds kratom vendors to strict manufacturing processes that ensure consumer safety, pureness, and effectiveness. If a vendor is GMP certified, they are likely accredited by the American Kratom Association. There are only 30 kratom vendors that are GMP certified and accredited with AKA.

The final thing users can look for are what other customers are saying about the product. Google, Trustpilot, and Reddit will likely all have reviews and posts giving you a good indication of the company itself and its products.

Now that we have gone over some of the things users can check for while looking for a high-quality kratom product, does Happy Hippo Herbals check out?

Happy Hippo Herbals lab tests all of its products and have updated labs per every batch they manufacture. These lab tests are easily accessible on their website. Every physical product has a batch number that can be typed in that will bring you to that specific batch of lab tests. Each batch is free from additives and fillers and tested for salmonella, E. coli, and heavy metals. Every batch is also pre-sterilized at 170 degrees to kill pathogens while maintaining the plant’s alkaloid profile.

All of this is done from a GMP-certified and AKA-accredited laboratory. All of their facilities are audited by an auditor accredited by the AKA. After scouring the internet and reading plenty of trust pilot reviews and Reddit posts, the consensus is that Happy Hippos kratom is an excellent choice and a fan favorite.

How Does Happy Hippo Source Its Kratom Products?

With many kratom companies, with enough research, you will find no rhyme or reason as to how or where they source their kratom. This is why many times, consumers will complain of batches being inconsistent.

All of Happy Hippos’ products come from Indonesia. The owners of Happy Hippo have sourced all of their farmers and only purchase high-quality kratom. Happy Hippo farms get their kratom from smaller farms that only harvest mature kratom trees vs. large industrial fields where harvesting is much less strict.

This shows that Happy Hippo cares about the quality of its product vs. just importing it. This is an indicator of the level of quality that can be expected from these products.

Are The Happy Hippo Employees Knowledgeable About The Product They Sell?

Upon pulling up Happy Hippo’s website and looking underneath their blog. Users will notice they have over eight pages full of blogs and information regarding kratom and other natural herbs. The information contained within these blogs ranges from how-to guides for customers, product reviews, the legality of kratom, and strain overviews.

They even have a blog dedicated to their employees’ opinions on kratom. What they think of the plant, and why they use it! It is clear that the employees have a deep knowledge of kratom. They even use the products themselves. This shows the owners and employees care about the product they are selling. Not Just hopping on a trend to make money.

Now Let’s Talk About The Pricing Of Happy Hippo’s Products

When looking at the cost of Happy Hippo’s products, their pricing is a little higher than other brands. Users have to ask themselves when purchasing something: “is the cost of the product warranted for what I’m getting?”

In this case, you have this trusty brand review to reflect on while making your decision.

They have gone above and beyond to bring customers a high-quality product. Not only that, but they have dedicated time and money to kratom awareness and protecting kratom with AKA. This again shows these people care about kratom and the products they manufacture and sell.

We have used Happy Hippo products personally and can attest to the effort put into producing a high-quality product. In our humble opinion, as well as the view of many other kratom users on the internet, the answer to that question is yes. The slight cost difference between Happy Hippo Herbals and some other brands online is worth it!

The Takeaway

In the kratom scene, there are a million different brands you can choose from, ranging in different pricing and quality. It can be hard to select a brand to start with or even a brand to switch over to. This brand overview should give users the information needed to make educated choices going forward while picking a kratom brand.

Overall, we have personally tested Happy Hippo’s products and enjoyed them. All signs point to them having a high-quality and safe product you can trust! The team at Great CBD shop hopes if you decide to try this brand, you will enjoy them too!