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CBD Edibles For Beginners: Your Guide To Dosing Edible CBD Products

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CBD Edibles For Beginners: What Are CBD Edibles?

If you are just getting into the modern world of cannabis you may be overwhelmed by the selection of products available to you. Thankfully, our CBD edibles for beginner’s guide can help you to get a better understanding of CBD edibles and the way they work. 

The term ‘CBD Edibles’ typically refers to baked goods and gummies that are infused with CBD. It can also sometimes refer to CBD capsules as well, however, most of the time you will find capsules listed in their own category. CBD edibles are ingested orally (swallowed) and digested in order to produce effects

The psychoactive and therapeutic effects of edibles last longer than those produced by consuming cannabinoids by other methods. 

This is thought to happen because the digestive process requires some time to fully process everything ingested, leading to a longer experience overall. 

Moreover, if you are eating them on an empty or full stomach, edibles may require even longer in order to work. In these cases, your digestive system may take some time to start up or need some time to process everything else before it can digest your CBD

As a result, edibles are slowly digested over time, allowing the effects of cannabinoids to be felt for a longer period of time. For instance, inhaling THC typically produces a high that lasts 2-3 hours, while ingesting THC edibles can produce a high that can last for over 6 hours. 

Edibles and capsules work through the exact same process and typically produce the exact same effects. 

Capsules are prepared by placing infused oil into a gelatin capsule that can be swallowed and dissolved in the stomach. 

Many people prefer capsules to edibles because they are practically calorie-free when compared to other baked or sugary edibles. 

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CBD Edibles For Beginners – Start Low & Go Slow

The most important thing to remember is that edibles take some time to kick in. This means that you will have to go slow when consuming them and give them some time to do their thing before reaching for more. 

This is especially important if you are consuming THC since it’s psychoactive effects could quickly become too intense if too much of it is consumed too quickly. 

How Are CBD Edibles Made?

CBD edibles are usually produced using one of 3 kinds of CBD: CBD isolate, Full-spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD. 

Make sure to carefully read your product’s packaging, description, and ingredients to determine exactly what kind of CBD you edible contains.

What’s the difference?

Full-spectrum CBD is an oil that contains much more than just CBD. It also contains an array of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Many people believe full-spectrum CBD to be more effective than isolated or broad-spectrum CBD. This is because cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are thought to work together to produce more potent effects in a phenomenon called ‘the entourage effect’. 

As such, you may find that full-spectrum CBD edibles may be more effective in treating whatever ails you.

Broad-spectrum CBD is very similar to full-spectrum CBD. Just like full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum takes advantage of the entourage effect to potentially produce more potent effects. 

However, while broad-spectrum CBD contains a mix of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, it does not contain ANY THC. 

In essence, broad-spectrum CBD is like a mix between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. 

CBD isolate is just that, isolated CBD. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available on the market. Isolate is a crystalline powder that is produced through a thorough filtration process that removes all other plant matter including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, waxes, etc. 

Many people, especially those who don’t want to consume THC, prefer to consume isolate and broad-spectrum. 

Because CBD contains no THC, there is no risk of THC metabolites showing up on a drug test. 

Despite these advantages, many others prefer full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD which they believe to be more effective due to the entourage effect. 

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CBD Oils or CBD Edibles For Beginners?

CBD oils are made by infusing CBD (isolate or spectrum) into a carrier oil such as hemp oil, MCT oil, grapeseed oil, hemp oil, olive oil, or others. The oils act as a delivery system for the CBD, making it easier to ingest and absorb.  

CBD oils are typically applied sublingually (under the tongue) with a dropper. The oil is then absorbed by membranes under the tongue and on the inside of the cheeks from where it is transported into the bloodstream, allowing the CBD to produce effects. Because of this absorption method, effects are produced much more quickly than when CBD is orally ingested as an edible. 

By comparison, edibles work much slower than oils. Whereas the effects of CBD oil can oftentimes be felt within a matter of minutes, edibles can take much longer to kick in. As such, for people seeking immediate relief from pain or other symptoms, oils are probably a better choice. 

In addition, edibles are thought to be less efficient than oils because of the first-pass effect. The first-pass effect is a phenomenon whereby the concentration of a specific compound is greatly reduced before it has a chance to make it into the bloodstream to produce effects. 

This effectively means that more CBD makes it into your bloodstream when it is applied sublingually than when ingested orally. However, if you prefer to experience longer, rather than stronger, effects, then edibles are likely your best choice. 

CBD oils can also be swallowed like an edible to produce similar effects. Likewise, CBD oil can be placed into gelatin capsules to make CBD capsules.  

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What About CBD Drinks?

In recent years, CBD-infused beverages have begun appearing on dispensary shelves. CBD is currently being infused into everything from sparkling water and coffee to beer and non-alcoholic wine. 

Perhaps best of all, beverages are able to mask the ‘weedy’ taste that many CBD/THC oils and edibles have. Grab one today and feel your anxiety melt away with every sip!

If you are looking for an even more convenient dosing option than beverages, consider trying CBD oral spray instead! 

Simply spray some CBD liquid under your tongue and wait for effects to take place. CBD sprays are absorbed through the mouth’s membranes and work through the same physiological process as sublingual oils. CBD sprays fit comfortably into your pocket, can be applied in a matter of seconds, and are excellent for on-the-go medicating. 

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Which CBD Edibles Should You Try?

Finding your ideal CBD edible is all about what you like and what you need. If you love baked goods then a CBD cookie, brownie, or chocolate bar could be just what you are looking for.  

Love candy? Not a problem! If you have a sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to try some delicious CBD gummies! These gummies can be chewed and swallowed, allowing for CBD to be absorbed both through the mouth’s membranes and through the digestive process. 

And, if you are a health-conscious CBD consumer or if you are trying to cut down on calories, you can always reach for some CBD capsules

Where Can I Buy CBD Edibles For Beginners?

Right here in our shop! Take a look at our shop for a collection of CBD edibles, oils, capsules, drinks, and other products. 

Thanks for reading our CBD guide for beginners!

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