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Blaze Kratom Brand Review

This is a banner of all of the Blaze Kratom Products Great CBD Shop has to offer.
This is a banner of all of the Blaze Kratom Products Great CBD Shop has to offer.

Introducing Blaze Kratom

Blaze Kratom is a California based company that is new to the kratom space but based on the quality of their products no doubt will quickly become one of the leaders paving the way.

Blaze Kratom has many of the regular kratom items you used to such as an extract shot, a tincture, gummies, tablets, etc. The most notable item which shows the creativity they put into their work is the kratom noobs. We believe that these noobs are a first of their kind product. They have essentially created an adult kratom nerd rope. We are very excited to see what else this company comes up with in the future!

Every single product this company has produced is masterfully crafted showing they have the ability to make waves and be innovative moving forward. All of their products are created with the cold expeller extraction process retaining 95 percent of the alkaloids from the plant making all of their kratom full spectrum.

The Full Spectrum Difference

As we briefly mentioned above, the term full spectrum comes from the way the kratom is extracted from the plant. As you may have learned from our Kratom 101: The Ultimate Kratom Guide blog, the kratom plant actually contains up to upwards of 50 or more different alkaloids. The most common alkaloids being mitragynine, paynantheine,7-hydroxymitragynine, and speciogynine. Which are the main components that produce the energized feeling as well as the relaxed feeling you may get from more sedative strains.

That being said, if your familiar with THC or CBD think of a full spectrum product producing the “entourage effect”. You can eat nachos without cheese, but we all know adding cheese adds to the experience. The main take away here is that the cold expeller method of extraction retains up to a whopping 95 percent of the alkaloids from the plant, though you may have only heard of mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine there are many other alkaloids within kratom that add to the wellness benefits and create a better and more full spectrum experience!

How Does Blaze Kratom Compare To The Rest Of The Kratom Products On The Market?

With the rise in popularity of kratom over the years a multitude of companies and products have popped onto the scene over the years. Every single company out there will tell you there products are high quality and have the best effects. Most times you are left disappointed. With Blaze Kratom you can literally FEEL the care they put into crafting their products, making a true full spectrum experience and not just touting the buzzword that is full spectrum around like other companies. We put Blaze Kratom right up there with the likes of OPMS and Hush Kratom in terms of effects and quality.

In terms of being innovative in the space they have that topped with their Kratom Noobs product as well as there unique flavor profiles of sweet mango used in their tinctures. We hope they can continue to push ahead with more unique products in the future.

But enough of what we at Great CBD Shop have to say about the products, lets take a look at what our actual customers have to say!

What The Customers Are Saying..

Kratom Noobs

Blaze Kratom Noobs

Do you remember that feeling of getting candy as a kid. The joy that washed over you as you opened the package and flavor burst into your mouth? Yeah Noobs are kinda like that. As an adult things just don’t hit the same as they did then. Candy is just candy but this experience for me was a little different. The childhood vibrations came to me like a ghost pulling that crunchy candy covered gummy from the package. Immediately in my hands I could tell they were fresh and the aroma that wafted from the bag was downright tantalizing. As soon as my teeth crunch down POW! Flavor.


Absolutely a ten. Hands down the tastiest gummy I have had yet. Sweet and fruity with just enough bitterness to let you know these gummies are for adults. The feeling is similar to most extract products. Nothing really beats tea in my opinion but for on the road or just a reminder of childhood excitement these beat every other gummy option bar none.

Easily 9/10 product. Something I’d like to keep stocked in my house just for when I need to uplift my mood, not just from the sun detract inside but also the sweet memories of a simpler time.

Full Spectrum Gummies

Blaze Kratom Extract Gummies

Now to the next sweetest treat on the list: the Blaze full spectrum gummies. These sweet gooey gummies are just like you imagine them. Covered in tasty sugar crystals with a tart sweet taste that rivals any of its normal confection counterparts but with an added kick. The full spectrum alkaloid complex rivals that of the tea although just coming short of some of the euphoria and joy you get from certain strains.


The full spectrum gummies are easily the best in taste I have tried and have a wonderful feeling although you will need to eat a few if you are a connoisseur like myself as they are only around 10mg a piece.


Blaze Kratom Extract GREEN ENERGY Tincture

It has a higher milligram content at 50mg per dropper and are a great way to kick start your kratom adventure for the day. I enjoyed the extracts potent effects but the taste made me ensure all future endeavors are paired with a chaser


I tried the sweet mango but despite the name the tinctures bitterness is overpowering any sweet within. I will say the mango flavor was close to the fruit which wins some points from me.

Customer Take Away

Blaze products are easily at the top of my list for tasty kratom confections with all around good product quality in terms of effects and the gummies are unmatched in flavor. 9/10

The Take Away On Blaze Kratom Products

After reading our input, as well as taking a look at what our wonderful customer base has to say, we hope that you can see that this is a brand definitely worth trying! Not only did they create an entire new class of product, but their everyday kratom products effects rival that of the current leaders in the space. We don’t think that you’ll be disappointed with any of the items they carry, go ahead, you have our approval, give them a try!