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Best HHC Dabs To Try In 2022

HHC Dabs

HHC dabs offer an exciting way to enjoy your HHC. As with any cannabinoid dab, you can expect a faster onset and harder-hitting, more potent effects.

Before we move along into the best HHC dabs, we’ll go over the different types of dabs and the benefits of dabbing vs. other consumption methods!

What Are HHC Dabs, And What Do The Different Types Of Dabs Do?

Dabs are a concentrated extract of hemp created by treating hemp with a solvent (such as butane) and are used by heating the concentrate on a hot surface (usually metal or glass) and inhaling the vapors produced. Though there are also solvent-less extraction methods, they are more expensive and time-consuming to perform.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to skin a cat when creating dabs. All extraction methods involve removing trichomes. Trichomes are crystal-like pieces on cannabis/hemp leaves containing terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. A few contributing factors determine the texture and potency of dabs.

  • Source Material- Whole plant, trim, buds, hash, etc.
  • Method- Solvent or Solvent-Less Extraction
  • Post Extraction Refining Techniques- Dewaxing, winterization, whipping, etc.

That being said, there are many different types of dab forms on the market these days ranging from oil, sauce, diamonds, crumble, and many more. Below we’ll break down some of the more popular forms of dabs currently being used in the hemp-derived scene!

  • Oil (Distillate)- Distillate is the most common type of dab in the hemp-derived scene. Due to its oily consistency, it can be used for many different things. It can be used in vape cartridges, to make edibles, to make topicals, and other products as well.
  • Wax- Wax is an umbrella term for any soft and malleable dab. You may hear the term used for more nuanced forms such as sugar, crumble, batter, and others. Generally, wax is created with a solvent extraction method using butane. You can dab this traditionally and add it to bowls, joints, or blunts for added potency.
  • Crumble- Crumble is a type of wax, as mentioned above, that is looser and drier than its counterparts. What makes this a Crumble is the post-extraction method of keeping it in a vacuum oven to dry for long periods.
  • Live Resin- Is made from hemp plants frozen at harvest and kept frozen throughout the extraction process. Live Resin uses solvents and usually has a more saucy/oil-like texture. This process is known to be the king of retaining terpenes and their robust fragrance and flavor profiles.
  • Diamonds- Diamonds are generally made of one compound. They are considered more of an isolate vs. a full spectrum product containing all of the cannabinoids from the plant. Due to this method, they have such a high purity level that they form into a crystalline solid like a diamond.

What Are The Benefits Of Dabbing Vs. Other Methods Of Consumption?

First off, before we get started, we wanted to mention that dabbing is certainly not for anyone. We also wouldn’t recommend jumping straight into dabs if you are a newer consumer. When consumed safely, dabs have plenty of benefits that you can reap from them!

  • Potency- As stated previously, dabs are a very concentrated extract that allows for higher purity and potency levels. This is great for consumers who have a high tolerance to THC or maybe enjoy the experience.
  • Flavor- Every form of dab mentioned above and those not mentioned offer very “terpy” flavors. High-quality concentrates, despite the form, will carry the flavor and aroma of the original plant used in the extraction process.
  • Cleaner- Concentrates that have been appropriately made remove most of the unwanted materials you get from consuming THC in other methods while still delivering a complete set of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.
  • Quicker Onset Of Effects- Concentrates are the best way for consumers to get immediate relief from chronic pain, extreme nausea, and other issues.

Now That We’ve Broken Down The Process, let’s Take A Look At The Best HHC Dabs Available

Smilyn HHC Extracts 2g

Smilyn HHC Extracts. Each container contains a 2g blend of HHC, CBD, and CBN. Available in 3 concentrate forms. Crumble, Sauce, and Diamonds.

Smilyn Extracts 2g encompasses 3 forms of dabs. Diamonds, sauce, and crumble in three very popular cannabis flavor profiles. Experience these strains in a new light. With Smilyn being a reputable company you know you are tasting high quality with every hit!

Sunstate Hemp HHC Diamonds 2g

Sunstate Hemp HHC Diamonds 2g

Sunstate Hemp keeps it simple. High purity HHC and CBD mixed with classic cannabis terpene strains. Want HHC with a little less of a kick? These dabs are for you! Sunstate Hemp is one of the largest manufacturers in the hemp-derived scene and handles all products from start to finish so youu always know exactly what you get!

HHC Bulk Oil 1oz Vial — Hexahydrocannabinol

HHC 1oz Bulk Oil

One of our most popular bulk oils currently at Great CBD Shop. We pride ourselves on bringing only the best of the best to our customers. When we searched for bulk distillate options we landed on MC Nutraceuticals a very well known lab known for producing high quality distillates. All labs are always current and we take extra care in packing these vials in your orders to avoid damage! Because Distillates are oily, you can use it in more ways from carts, edibles, topicals, you name it.