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THCa Pods represent a cutting-edge product category in the world of cannabis consumption. These pods provide a convenient and innovative way to experience the benefits of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa).

THCa Pods deliver a range of effects and flavors by combining THCa with other cannabinoids and live resin terpenes.

This comprehensive description provides an in-depth look at THCa Pods, including their formulations, effects, flavors, and how they are used.


THCa, Delta 9P, Delta 8 THC, and live resin terpenes

The pods such as ‘Delta Extrax Live Resin THCa + Delta 9P Goliath Pods 2g‘ contain a powerful blend of THCa, Delta 9P, Delta 8 THC, and live resin terpenes. This unique combination of compounds provides a multidimensional cannabis experience.

They offer easy plug-and-play use with the Goliath device, featuring a magnetic connection for hassle-free usage.

Flavors and Strains

Purple Swish (Indica)
Green Queen (Sativa)
Melted Strawberries (Hybrid)


These Pods are versatile and offer a wide range of effects due to the combination of different THC variants and terpenes. Users may experience a sense of relaxation, euphoria, pain relief, and increased creativity, depending on the strain chosen.


THCa, HXY-9 THC, Delta 8 THC & Live Resin Terpene

The ‘Exodus Live Resin THCa | HXY-9 | D8 Titan Device + 2g Pods‘ are designed exclusively for the Titan pod system. It contains a unique blend of THCa, HXY-9 THC, Delta 8 THC, and live resin terpenes. These pods also feature distillate infused with live resin, resulting in smooth and flavorful draws.


Pink Kush

Black Widow


Titan Pods are more strain-specific, catering to users seeking either a calming, sedative experience (Pink Kush) or a balanced, hybrid experience (Black Widow). The combination of cannabinoids and live resin terpenes in these pods ensures a smooth and flavorful consumption.